In SBS TV hit Monday and Tuesday drama series A Thousand Days’ Promise, the indecisive action of Kim Rae Won before breaking the promise of marriage was hurting two women at the same time. For this, Kim Rae Won heard a lot of criticisms and complaints from the viewers.

Kim Rae Won used to trouble by how to interpret the role in the drama, in the interview, Kim Rae Won said, “From the standpoint of Ji Hyung in drama, he acts very cautiously around the two women he loved. Break the marriage promise because of ex-girlfriend who is sick, is also for demonstrating the true love in future that never separate.

He then said, “Although previous plot let viewers felt little depressed, but they will get to see the greatness and sacrifice of Ji Hyung later.”

Kim Rae Won

When asked by reporter, “The roles of Soo Ae and Jung Yoo Mi in the drama, which one is closer to your ideal type?”

Kim Rae Won said, “I do not talk much and am relatively quiet, so I hope my girlfriend can have cheerful and straightforward personality. If must choose, then Hyang Ki is closer.”

Kim Rae Won is almost really in love with Soo Ae in the eye of director. In reality, is there any possibility for Kim Rae Won to be lover couple with Soo Ae? Kim Rae Won smiled and said, “Absolutely no.”

Kim Rae Won

Kim Rae Won said, “Soo Ae and me are completely different type. Soo Ae is an actress who wants to perfectly study the lines proceeding in the script, and even the timing, but I am the type where free to act according to the situation.”

A Thousand Days’ Promise starring Kim Rae Won and Soo Ae is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 pm on SBS.