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The cable channel tvN’s popular drama series Flower Boy Ramen Shop (Cool Guys, Hot Ramen) has released the forth part of its OST (original soundtrack) on December 6th, 2011. The Flower Boy Ramen Shop OST Part 4 includes a song sang by C-REAL (씨리얼), a rookie 5-member South Korean girl group, with the title name of “With Words” (말론). The song title “Not with Words” has also been translated to “Not With Words,” or “Marlon” or “Marlon Just Say.”

“With” Words is composed by Sung Hwan, who has produced the soundtracks for hit dramas such as “My Lovely Sam Soon” and “Baker King Kim Tak Gu.” The song is an upbeat song with a bright and cheerful melodies as well as impressive song lyric to express the emotions that come with falling in love.

Flower Boy Ramen Shop OST Part 4

Flower Boy Ramen Shop OST Part 4 Track List

  • With Words (말론) – C-REAL

Listen to With Words (말론) at YouTube.

With Words (말론) Korean Lyric (with Romanization Pronunciation)

남자는 여자가 좋아한다 혼자 착각만 해요
namjaneun yeojaga joh-ahanda honja chaggagman haeyo
남자는 여자를 공부하지 않고 아는척 해요
namjaneun yeojaleul gongbuhaji anhgo aneuncheog haeyo

여자는 사랑을 먹고살아 가는 나무같아요
yeojaneun salang-eul meoggosal-a ganeun namugat-ayo
그런데 그댄 모른척 해요
geuleonde geudaen moleuncheog haeyo

처음엔 세상을 줄것처럼 나를 사랑한 대죠
cheoeum-en sesang-eul julgeoscheoleom naleul salanghan daejyo
처음엔 날위해 살것처럼 나를 좋아한 대죠
cheoeum-en nal-wihae salgeoscheoleom naleul joh-ahan daejyo

이제는 귀찮아 죽을것만 같이 나를대 하죠
ijeneun gwichanh-a jug-eulgeosman gat-i naleuldae hajyo
그런데 나를 사랑한다네요
geuleonde naleul salanghandaneyo

사랑이란 말론 안되요 좋아한단 말도 안되요
salang-ilan mallon andoeyo joh-ahandan maldo andoeyo
나없이는 정말 살수없다 말해요
na-eobs-ineun jeongmal salsueobsda malhaeyo

예쁘다는 말론 안되요 행복하단 말론 안되요
yeppeudaneun mallon andoeyo haengboghadan mallon andoeyo
날만나기위해 태어났다 하세요
nalmannagiwihae taeeonassda haseyo

왜내가 편해져야 하는거죠?
waenaega pyeonhaejyeoya haneungeojyo?
왜나는 예뻐져야 하는거죠??
waenaneun yeppeojyeoya haneungeojyo??

사랑만 받고 싶어요
salangman badgo sip-eoyo
예쁘게 살고 싶어요
yeppeuge salgo sip-eoyo

With Words (말론) Lyric English Translation

Guys always has illusion that girls like them
Guys pretend like knowing without studying girls

Girls are like trees that survive off love
But you pretend don’t know about it

At first, you said you loved me as if you would give me the whole world
At first, you said you liked me as if you would live for me

Now you treat me as if I am driving you nuts
But you still say that you love me

The words I love you are not enough, the words I like you are not enough
Please say that you can’t live without me
Is it that hard?

The words you’re pretty are not enough, the words I’m happy are not enough
Tell me that you were born to meet me
Just words are not enough for me

Why do you have to become more comfortable with me?
Why do I have to become prettier every time??

I just want to receive love
I want to live beautifully