Wonder What Happened to Ha Ji Won?

What happened to Ha Ji Won? The drama and movie she is currently starring in are basing on South Korea and North Korea as the theme, she is acting the role of representative of South Korea or North Korea, and all is based on reconciliation and peace between South Korea and North Korea as the plot. And as luck would have it, she is the leader for the South Korea and North Korea unified team. In “The King 2 Hearts“, she s team leader of North Korea’s officers; in movie “Korea”, she is South Korea’s table tenner player. What kind of charm Ha Ji Won exactly possessed that allows her to show the link between South Korea and North Korea?

In “The King 2 Hearts”, Ha Ji Won plays the role of top instructor for North Korea special forces that has unique characteristics who was an officer in the North Korea special forces, exuding a specific temperament of been in the special forces, increasing the tension of the plot. But when she appears in front of Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi), she turns into a very gentle and cute female and at the same time show a halo of motherhood.

The story is in the situation of extreme difficulty from friend and foe, coming and going between the two special identities that are poles apart, therefore, for Ha Ji Won to play this kind of role as an actress is very hard. In the scene where Lee jae Ha is held hostage, and she has to fight to suppress the enemy, in such a action scene, other actors may be awkward, but Ha Ji Won is convincing in terms of expression, movement, and the eye. As a North Korean military officer, she even lovingly speaks the North Korean dialect in the drama, she is a character that shows unique charm.

On the other hand, Ha Ji Won plays the role of Hyun Jung Hwa in the movie “Korea” (As One), which is a completely different character from the role in “The King 2 Hearts”. In the movie “Korea”, she is the table tennis player, participating in double match in collaboration with Lee Boon Hee (Bae Doo Na), and is the consensus of people in Korea. The reason Ha Ji Won was recommended for the role of Hyun Jung Hwa is that she has a strong spirit just like Hyung Jung Hwa. In the film, merely through the shouting of “Go for it” such a brief words can show the strong willpower of her.

In the movie “Korea”, Ha Ji Won plays the role of Hyun Jung Hwa. In the film, table tennis player needs to show a strong emotional turmoil, making people feel sad. So far, her films and her personally give people a strong impression, the body is full of warm and delicate femininity.

Why recently Ha Ji Won keep starring in the subject that is related to North Korea and South Korea relationship? This is just an action of Ha Ji Won to benefit as a real actress. The tense confrontation can show the most the inner warm that hidden inside Ha Ji Won. There may be misunderstanding to her as the unification of North Korea and South Korea is everyone’s wish.

Coincidentally, South Korea and North Korea are showing different impression through the acting of Ha Ji Won in the two different roles. She is interpreting the peace message for the North Korea and South Korea. Ha Ji Won is really an actress with wonderful charm who has strong sense of man and gentle femininity trait, combining with rich and poor image.

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  1. yummysukiyaki Avatar

    Beautiful Ha Ji Won is multi talented, therefore she’s a unique actress and I cant think of anyone better than her! Her natural stunning looks especially her eyes are so charming!!!

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