On February 27th 2012, during the production press conference for MBN weekend drama Can Love Become Money held at Seoul Yeouido 63 Convention and Exhibition Center, Yeon Jung Hoon was asked by the reporters about current situation for his wife Han Gain who is currently busy filming the MBC hit drama The Moon Embracing the Sun, he smiled and said, “I couldn’t meet her.”

Yeon Jung Hoon added, “Recently is very busy, it’s difficult to see my wife. Before our new projects started shooting, the house cleaning and clothes washing works all was done by me. This new drama seems like produced by the same production company with my wife’s drama, therefore I am looking forward to two persons can meet on the set.”

When the reporters asked the questions related to The Moon that Embraces the Sun starring his wife Han Ga In, Yun Jung Hoon frankly said, “Because of too busy, I don’t have time to watch her drama,” and he continued, “We seldom watch the films that starring by each other, but this time the partnering of my wife with Kim Soo Hyun who is 6 years younger than her is receiving critical acclaim, I am also very happy.”

Yeon Jung Hoon

About the role he is playing in the new drama, Yeon Jung Hoon described, “Previously always starred in some dark negative role, this time will challenge a romantic comedy which is cheerful and humorous. In the drama, I play the role who used to suffer a lot of hurt, only recognize money, do not understand people and also do not understand love.”

Yeon Jung Hoon, Eom Ji Won and Wang Bit Na are starring in the MBN drama that scheduled to premiere on March 3th, 2012 at 11pm.

via MyDaily