Towards the end of Protect the Boss, Cha Mu Won (played by Kim Jaejoong) and Seo Na Yoon (played by Wang Ji Hye) is at one time separated from each other due to hesitation of Mu Won. In addition, Shin Suk Hui, Mu Won’s mother, also discouraged the relationship as she doesn’t not like Na Yun’s mother.

As Na Yun is sad and still a single, her mother is arranging for her to go on blind date to meet some guy. And Yoon Ki Won (윤기원) was making the special appearance to cameo in Protect the Boss drama series as the target of the blind date with Na Yun. She is later rescued by Muwon from the blind date.

Meanwhile, as of the wish in Chairman Cha's bucket list, Chairman Cha is arranging a blind date for secretary Jang (played by Kim Ha Kyoon). Oh Hyun Kyung (오현경) is the girl that waiting for him on the blind date.