Yoon Shi Yoon & Lee Ji Ah Romantic Kiss for Outbreak of Love

After episode 4 of MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama series Me Too, Flower!, Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Ji Ah is kissing again, stimulating female hormones.

In the episode 6 of Me Too, Flower! broadcast on November 24th, 2011, Jae Hee (played by Yoon Shi Yoon) is making known his innocence to Bong Sun (played by Lee Ji Ah) who thought that he had stole the branded bag. Suddenly he hugs and kisses deeply Lee Ji Ah, attracting the eyeballs of the viewers. This time Bong Sun initially struggles but does not reject his kiss, and in fact responds to the kiss of Jae Hee by taking initiative to kiss him passionately after confirming he is not the one who stole, indicating the love of the two people is going to start.

After the kiss scene of Yoon Shi Yooon is broadcast, it immediately became the top real-time searches for major websites, the response was strong. Viewers left comments on the bulletin board, “The forced kiss of Jae Hee made me screamed out loud,” “The scene let me sits up and takes notice of Yoon Shi Yoon,” “Looks like soon will be able to see the sweet love between Jae Hee and Bong Sun,” “Have to wait for another week, can’t wait,” and so on.

Yoon Shi Yoon was also left a message through Twitter on the night of November 24th, 2011, “How many people in the world can do the job that personally like? Furthermore can also be well liked by others through the job, this should be the happiest thing in the world. Sometimes when I am at the filming set I can suddenly feel very happy, very grateful, even involuntarily filled with tears. I will work hard, because I am a happy person,” expressed gratitude to the viewers.


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