The young lead actors and actress of MBC TV Wednesday and Thursday drama series The Moon Embracing the Sun, Lee Min Ho, Yeo Jin Goo, and Kim Yoo Jung, recently shot a series of pictorials photos for fashion magazine Vogue Girl, while the later two also grace the magazine of Allure. In the new photos, they change from the image in the historical drama, and show a youthful side with gorgeous and bright fashionable clothing.

In an interview carried out simultaneously with the shooting, when Lee Min Ho was asked who is more suitable to play the role of him when childhood, he chose the child actor Wang Seok Hyun. When Yeo Jin Goo was asked who is the most favorite actor, he answered Jo In Sung, the actor of Korean movie A Frozen Flower. And then he added, because A Frozen Flower is a restricted movie that only those 19 years old and above can watch, so he has yet watched the movie, provoking laughter.

In addition, Yeo Jin Goo also said, “The not so tall in height let me both headache and worry, I’m trying to rope skipping, hoping can grow higher.”

The pictorials that were participated by the young actors from The Moon Embracing the Sun will be published in March issue of Vogue Girl and Allure.