Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 9

Due to accident on the event, Rian is hospitalized for treatment. The mother of Rian visits the chairman to protest, but the attitude of chairman lets her perplexed.

Yeeun of Wonder Girls heard the last broadcast, and is interested in the song of Hye Sung. As such Hye Sung goes back to the school, and begins to prepare for the participation in audition of super idol.

JB and Hye Sung go to shopping, preparing to change her image, unexpectedly they bump into Yoo Jin.


  • Meirad12

    Love it:) thank you for posting :) the synopsis:) i’m so excited top watch the next episode :)

  • rairai

    Did it air yet?

  • Anu Yavuukhulan

    OMG can’t wait any longer..!!!!

  • Fan


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  • Ligia Cisternas

    Yes it already aired :) but a lot of websites don’t have it subbed :/ but they will soon! :DDD

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  • ara

    can’t wait to watch it…so excited…..

  • Kittykat__love

    Dream High Ep 9 eng sub is ALREADY AVAILBLE its on YOUTUBE! if you cant find it just keep searching its on youtube you’ll find it eventually.

  • Danica081593

    can you give me a link on where to watch in eng sub? please? thankyou. :)

  • Qwan Inthisland