A special 2-hour edition of SBS drama series Deep Rooted Tree (A Tree with Deep Roots) will be distributed free to elementary and high schools in South Korea.

It’s reported that the production company of Deep Rooted Tree, iHQ and SBS will rearrange the 24-episode drama series into a 2-hour special edition. The version will be distributed to more than 11,000 schools in the country for free. The reason is to let students understand the advantages of Hangul.

To make the drama as the audio-visual teaching material was suggested by representative Lee Nam Ki from SBS.

Representative Lee is worried that after the end of the drama, audience will gradually forget the meaning promoted by the drama. So in order to let everybody remembers such an important historical event, he suggested to make it into a audio-visual teaching material.

In charge of this editing is PD of the drama, Jang Tae Yoo. He said that he wants to focus on expressing the creation process of Hangul, th anguish of King Sejong and his love for the people in this process.

Deep Rooted Tree / Tree with Deep Roots

An audience of SBS said, “Convert the drama into teaching material is unprecedented, really hope that students can learn the importance of Hangul through Deep Rooted Tree.

Deep Rooted is just been selected as “Love Hangul Award” by Korean Language Cultural Society.