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Deep Rooted Tree / Tree with Deep Roots

Drama Title: Deep Rooted Tree
Korean Title: 뿌리깊은 나무
Revised Romanization: Ppuligipeun Namu
Chinese Title: 树大根深
Also Known As: Tree With Deep Roots
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, History
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 5 October 2011 – 22 December 2011
Language: Korean
Air Time: Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 PM

Preceded By: Protect the Boss
Followed By: Take Care of Us, Captain (Fly Again)

Plot Summary / Synopsis

The drama seeks to tell the untold tales through the story of creation of Hangul by King Sejong, which includes the reason for some people to oppose the project, the attitude of people involved in the work and how the mass adopt the Hangul.

Kang Jae-Yoon is a low level guard for the King. A serial murder involving Jiphyeonjeon scholars occurred during the reign of King Sejong in the Gyeongbok Palace 7 days before the issuing of the Korean written language. He investigates the case and as he gets closer to the root of the truth, he finds himself embroiled in a massive conspiracy behind the serial killings which involves a group of genius who are willing to risked their lives towards their causes and secret powers who will interfere with the course of his investigations.


Han Suk-Kyu (한석규) as Lee Do / King Sejong (이도 / 世宗)
Jang Hyuk (장혁) as Kang Chae-yoon (강채윤 / 姜彩允)
Sin Se-kyung (신세경) as So Yi (소이 / 咲梨)
Jo Jin-woong / Jo Jin Ung (조진웅) as Moo-hyool (무휼 / 無恤)
Hyuk-kwon (혁권) as Jung In-ji (정인지 / 鄭麟趾)
Hyun-woo (현우) as Sung Sam-moon (성삼문 / 成三問)
Kim Ki-bum (김기범) as Park Paeng-nyun (박팽년 / 朴彭年)
Jeon Jae-Ho (천재호) as Lee Soon-Ji (이순지 / 李純之)
Seo Joon-yung (서준영) as Grand Prince Gwangpyeong (광평대군 / 廣平大君)
Lee Se-Na (이세나) as Geun-Ji (근지)
Shin So-yul (신소율) as Mok-yi (목이)
Shim So-heon (심소헌) as Deok-geum (덕금)
Kim Tae-Young (킴태영) as Jimil Sanggung
Choi Min as Jung Deug-Ryong
Yoon Je-moon (윤제문) as Jung Ki Joon / Ga Ri-on (가리온)
Kim Sung-Hyun as Gae Pa-Yi
Kim Jong-Kook (김종국) as Government Official Jung (정별감)
Kim Ki-Bang (김기방) as Cho-Tak (초탁)
Sin Seung-hwan (신승환) as Park Po (박포)
Song Ok-sook (송옥숙) as Do Dam Daeg (도담댁)
Lee Soo-hyeok (이수혁) as Yoon-pyeong (윤평)
Kwon Seong-Deok as Teacher Hye-Kang
Yoon E-Na (윤이나) as Kyeon Juck-Hee
Heo Joon-seok (허준석) as Kkeut-soo (끝수)
Lee Jae-Yong (이재용) as Jo Mal Saeng (조말생 / 赵末生)
Kwon Tae-Won as Choi Man-Ri (崔萬里)
Jeon Seong-Hwan as Hwang Hui (황희 / 黃喜)
Ahn Seok-hwan (안석환) as Lee Sin-jeok (이신적)
Baek Seo-Bin as Jang Eun-Sung
Han Sang-Jin as Sim Jong-Soo (심종수)
Woo Hyeon as Lee Bang-Ji (이방지)
Jung Da-Bin (정다빈) as Yeon-Doo
Min Ji-Young as Yeon-Doo’s mother
Jung Jong-Chul as Ok Tteol-Yi (옥떨이)
Jo Hee-bong (조희봉) as Han Ga-nom (한가놈)
Jeon Yeong-bin (전영빈) as Mak-soo (막수)
Song Joong-ki (송중기) as Teenager Lee Do (젊은 이도)
Kang San (강산) as Child Lee Do (어린 이도)
Chae Sang-woo (채상우) as Young Chee-yoon / Ttol Bok (어린 채윤 / 똘복)
Shin Dong-gi (신동기) as Young Gi-joon (어린 기준)
Kim Hyun Soo (김현수) as Young So-yi / Dam Yi (어린 소이 / 담이)
Baek Yoon-sik (백윤식) as King Taejong (태종) – cameo

Deep Rooted Tree (Tree with Deep Roots) Characters Description

Production Credits

Director: Jang Tae-Yoo (장태유)
Screenplay: Kim Yeong-hyeon (김영현), Park Sang-yeon (박상연)
Writer (Novel): Lee Jung-Myung

Episode Synopsis

Episode Ratings (Ranking)

DateEpisodeNationwide (TNmS)Seoul (TNmS)Nationwide (AGB)Seoul (AGB)
5 October 201119.2 (17th)11.0 (10th)9.5 (15th)11.1 (11th)
6 October 201128.2 (18th)9.8 (13th)9.8 (15th)10.6 (15th)
12 October 2011316.4 (3rd)18.7 (3rd)18.2 (3rd)20.7 (2nd)
13 October 2011418.8 (2nd)22.6 (1st)19.1 (2nd)21.8 (2nd)
19 October 2011517.7 (3rd)20.6 (1st)18.3 (3rd)20.5 (3rd)
20 October 2011618.3 (3rd)20.8 (2nd)18.6 (2nd)19.1 (2nd)
26 October 2011717.9 (3rd)21.0 (2nd)18.9 (3rd)20.1 (2nd)
27 October 2011818.3 (3rd)20.5 (2nd)19.2 (2nd)20.5 (2nd)
2 November 2011917.3 (3rd)19.2 (2nd)17.4 (2nd)18.9 (3rd)
3 November 20111018.5 (3rd)20.7 (2nd)20.2 (2nd)22.1 (2nd)
9 November 20111117.9 (3rd)20.3 (2nd)19.1 (1st)20.4 (1st)
10 November 20111219.9 (1st)20.9 (1st)19.9 (1st)21.3 (1st)
16 November 20111318.7 (2nd)21.4 (2nd)19.4 (1st)20.9 (1st)
17 November 20111419.0 (4rd)21.6 (2nd)20.5 (1st)22.0 (2nd)
23 November 20111517.8 (2nd)20.6 (1st)20.1 (1st)21.1 (1st)
24 November 20111619.9 (2nd)21.9 (1st)20.1 (2nd)22.3 (1st)
30 November 20111718.8 (3rd)20.7 (1st)21.0 (1st)22.0 (1st)
1 December 20111818.6 (3rd)21.4 (1st)20.8 (2nd)22.2 (1st)
7 December 20111920.1 (2nd)23.1 (1st)21.6 (1st)23.0 (1st)
8 December 20112020.2 (2nd)23.5 (1st)21.7 (1st)23.0 (1st)
14 December 20112119.7 (2nd)22.3 (1st)21.9 (1st)23.3 (1st)
15 December 20112219.3 (3rd)22.1 (2nd)22.7 (1st)24.7 (1st)
21 December 20112319.7 (3rd)22.5 (1st)21.4 (1st)23.2 (1st)
22 December 20112423.6 (1st)27.5 (1st)25.4 (1st)27.3 (1st)

Source: TNmS and AGB Nielson


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