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3 Highlights of Reason to Watch The Musical

If you’re looking for reasons to watch The Musical Korean drama, here’s 3 highlights of The Musical which attracts audiences.

The Lifeline of SBS Friday TV Drama Series

The premiere of “The Musical” marks the resurrection and continuity of SBS Friday Drama (SBS 금요드라마) which has high popularity. The SBS Friday Drama time slot was discontinued in 2008 with the ending of “The Scale of Providence.” It began on 15 October 2004 with the “Three Wives” (아내의 반란), which had 2 episodes aired back to back at 10pm and 11pm. The initial AGB Nielson rating is 11.4% and rose to 20.8% on its 4th episode the next week.

The highest rating ever achieved by Friday TV series was 22.9% by “That Woman” in 2005, 26.4% of “My Love” in 2006 whch was also the highest rating of all drama for that year, and 20.4% of “Salt Doll” in 2007.

The SBS Friday Drama TV series had aired a total of 19 dramas over the 5 years from 2004 to 2008, and had received love from the audience. The resurrection of the time slot after 3 years will likely to garner same popularity too.

Musical and Wide Array of Themes

The Musical is centered around dance and music, and expand the story plot from there. The extended and supporting musical casts which normally have limitation to show their acting skills in drama, will become an official heroes to debut in this drama. In particular, the drama has been planned since 5 years ago by producer, and a lot of interesting stories have been included into the drama. In addition, the early production that started more than 1 year ago also helps to produce a high quality drama.

Besides, it’s worthwhile to follow the musical drama which are leaded by singer Kim Tae-woo who produced “Love Rain” album and the OST for “Iris” TV series, famous composer Lee Hyun-seung, and Kim Hye Seong who famous for training casts of “Finding Mr. Destiny / Looking for Mr. Kim” drama based on a real musical theater play. The drama will also present the beautiful four season background of Seoul and Pyeongchang.

Casting of Popular Actors and Actresses with Strong Production Team

“The Musical” is starred by Ku Hye Sun who has not appeared on TV screen for a while, and Daniel Choi who also starred in Cyrano Agency that managed to attract 2.7 million viewers, plus Park Ki Woong whose popularity recently explode, and newcomer Ki Eun Sae.

The director Kim Kyung Yong and scriptwriter Kim Hee-jae have won critical acclaim in “Someday.” Both of them is reunited in “The Musical.” Kim Hee-jae is especially worth to pay attention to, with several famous works in “Public Enemy,” “Simildo,” and “Hanbando.”

Outside of musical theme, the drama has strong casting too in the name of Ock Joo Hyun, Park Kyeong-rim, Hong Ji-Min and several other musical actors to bring a pleasure drama to viewers.





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