The Musical

The Musical

The Musical

Drama Title: The Musical
Korean Title: 더 뮤지컬
Also Known As: Deo Myujikeol
Chinese Title: 音乐剧
Genre: Musical
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2nd September 2011 – 23rd December 2011
Language: Korean
Air time: 21:55 PM on Friday


Goo Hye Sun / Koo Hye Seon (구혜선) as Go Eun Bi (고은비)
Daniel Choi (최 다니엘) as Hong Jae Yi / Hong Jay Yi (홍재이)
Ock Joo Hyun (옥주현) as Bae Kang-hee / Bae Gang Hui (배강희)
Park Ki Woong (박기웅) as Yoo Jin / Yu Jin (유진)
Park Kyeong-rim / Park Kyung Lim (박경림) as Sa Bok-ja (사복자)
Kim Hyeon-seong / Kim Hyun Sung (김현성) as Han Sang Won (한상원)
Ki Eun Sae (기은세) as Seo Ra-Kyung (서라경)
Cha Kwang-Soo (차광수) as Yoo Jin-yeong (유진영)
Oh Jung Se (오정세) as Goo Jak (구작)
Kim Yong Min (김용민) as Joon Hyuk / Joon-hyeok (준혁)
Kim In Seo (김인서) as Sang Mi (상미)
Lee Do Kyung (이도경) as Eun Bi’s father (은비부)
Jung Young Sook (정영숙) as Yang Soon Yi (양순이)
Kang Ji Hoo (강지후) as Hyun Kwang Seo / Hyeon Gwang-seo (현광서)
Ahn Yeo Jin (안여진) as Sun Hee (선희)
Park Geun Hyung (박근형) as Chairman Yoo (유회장)
Jo Won Hee (조원희) as President Yoo (유사장)
Lee Ji Hyung (이지형) as Yoo Jae Joon (유재준)
Kim Jin Ho (김진호) as President Seo (서회장)
Choo So-yeong (추소영)
Jung Tae (정태)
Seo Beom-seok (서범석)
Hong Ji-Min (홍지민)
Choo Jeong-hwa / Choo Jung Hwa (추정화)

The Musical Characters Description

Production Credits

Director: Kim Kyung Yong (김경용)
Scriptwriter: Kim Hee Jae (김희재)
Production Company : Film Book

Synopsis / Plot Summary

The Musical depicts a university medical undergraduate Khoo Eun-bi (Goo Hye Sun) who has bright future decides to give up the study to pursue her childhood dream to be a musical actress. In the process, she encounters hardships and obstacles, in addition to involve in love triangle with Hong Jay (Daniel Choi), a talented composer and Bae Gang Hee (Ock Joo Hyun). But she doesn’t give up, and eventually achieve success in the Broadway. The drama centers around producer, director and musical actors.

Episode Synopsis

Episode Rating (Ranking)

Date Episode Nationwide (TNmS) Seoul (TNmS) Nationwide (AGB Nielson) Seoul (AGB Nielson)
September 2 2011 1 8.3 (15th) 10.9 (7th) 7.1 (> 20th) 8.1 (20th)
September 9 2011 2 5.5 (> 20th) 5.1 (> 20th)
September 16 2011 3 4.3 3.9
September 23 2011 4 4.7 3.9
September 30 2011 5 3.7 3.6
October 7 2011 6 5.3
October 14 2011 7 3.7 4.0
October 21 2011 8 2.9 3.2
October 28 2011 9 4.2 3.3
4 November 2011 10 3.7 3.1
18 November 2011 11 3.4 3.5
2 December 2011 12 3.5 3.4
9 December 2011 13 4.0 3.1
16 December 2011 14 3.5 3.5
23 December 2011 15 3.3 3.7


  • “The Musical” Korean drama is said to be Korea’s first musical drama.
  • Filming location include actual shooting in New York City’s Broadway area for scenes that been filmed starting from July.
  • “The Musical” is having an odd airtime slot for prime time drama series, which is a friday night. Previously the time slot is occupied by “SBS 금요드라마”, which mean it’s been resurrected again. It replaces the “Dalgona” variety show which is been canceled. Dalgona variety show features some idols such as CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa, 2PM’s Wooyoung and Taecyeon, Miss A’s Suzy and IU, and others reunited with their first loves, childhood friends and families in their hometowns.
  • The writer Kim Hee Jae plans to make the drama into an actual musical on stage after the drama ends.

Official Site

The Musical Trailers
The Musical Behind the Scene Videos and Photos

The Musical OST Part 1 – Sing for You
The Musical OST Part 2 – My Man
The Musical OST Part 3 – Happy
Song in the Drama: My Man (Maria Maria Musical)
Song in the Drama: This is the Moment

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Watch online with Chinese subtitle at,, or

News, Interview and Behind the Scene

Photo Gallery



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