The 8 kind of lovely ways of Korean actress Park Min Young to avoid strong sunlight on the set of “Dr. Jin” attracted a lot of attention.

Park Min Young was interpreting 8 lovely ways to escape from the burning sun on the filming set of MBC weekend drama “Dr. Jin”, demonstrating the charm which is completely different from the role in drama.

In hot weather, Park Min Young was either used both her hands to cover the face, or held a sunshade umbrella, or held a portable fan, or drank water, all looked very cute. Especially the look of Park Min Young pouting, as if expressing her dissatisfaction with the strong sun.

Netizens commented on the photo, “The look of Park Min Young escaping from the sun is so lovely,” “Goddess of historical drama Park Min Young, shining in everything,” “The look of pouting is so cute,” and so on.