The descriptions of various roles and characters that appear in A Song to Remember blockbuster drama, together with the name of actor or actress that plays the role.

Mo Li Guang (莫理广) – acted by Qi Yu Wu (戚玉武)

Qi Yu Wu

Honest, childishness, kind-hearted, obsessed with music, good in playing violin, composed many melodious songs. In Shanghai, when he was facing with hungry and cold, he met Yu Hong who gave him a hot soup as help, and views Yu Hong as the angel in the life, the case brought in the red bowl of hot soup for help, as in the red for the life of an angel, unable to forget her, and writes many melodious songs for her. Went to Singapore to depend on his aunt, is destitute, always been bullied, and been helped by Jiu Mei who is songstress. Both of them helps each other in hardship, and develops sincere feeling, but he always fond of Yu Hong.

Yu Hong (于红) – acted by Joanne Peh (白薇秀)

Joanne Peh

Beautiful, elegant, stylish, ambitious, can sing and dance. Was sold to a brothel when young, later escaped to join the musical troupe. From the odd laborer, she is promoted to the second seat of the troupe. Because been suppressed by Song Qiao Er with insidious tactics, she angrily revenged, resulting in disfigurement of Qiao Er, and she herself been controlled by dishonest trader Xu Kun. Has a kind-hearted side, help Jiu Mei to rescue from brothel, but is wary of Jiu Mei, doesn’t want to allow her to perform on stage. Because of resisting Xu Kun, she was demoted to a small role, the glory is replaced by Jiu Mei. She is unwilling to be defeated just like that, and awaits opportunity to counterattack.

Jiu Mei (九妹) – Julie Tan (陈欣淇)

Julie Tan

Simple mind, with a heart of newborn baby, abandoned by her parents since childhood, was adopted by woman in entertainment industry Hua Gu, later followed her to sing as a living. He was born with a good voice, coupled with looking pure and lovely, so is very popular. Always been scolded and beaten by Hua Gu, but is very filial, take care of Hua Gu very thoughtfully. Admire the musical talent of Mo Li Guang, and falls in love with him. But she knows Mo Li Guang is obsessed with Yu Hong, and thus can only keep the love in heart.

Song Qiao Er (宋巧儿) – acted by Eelyn Kok (郭蕙雯)

Eelyn Kok

Beautiful, fashionable, proud, can sing and dance, used to launch a music album, has a little fame in Shanghai, is the pillar of Li Ming musical troupe. Suppresses Yu Hong everywhere, and even uses sinister means to deal with her, later reaps as one has sown, after unsuccessfully burned Yu Fong with fire, she destroyed her own figure. The hate of Qiao Er is hard to vanish, and she trains Jiu Mei to threaten Yu Hong.

Luo Xiao Xiao (罗小小) – played by Desmond Tan (陈泂江)

Desmond Tan

Straightforward heroic spirit, quick, agile, is a rickshaw puller, love to hear book teller to read chivalrous story. Because of illness of father, owes ​​a large sum of money to loan sharks, and so poor until have to share a pair of pant with elder brother. Detest the riches, after his elder brother is killed by the rich people, he takes the risk desperately to rob the riches, and then distributes the “ill-gotten gains” to the poors, becoming the “laughing chivalrous thief” that is scared by the wealthy. Love Jiu Mei, but after knowing Jiu Mei loves Mo Li Guang, tries to let them together.

Xu Kun (许昆) – played by Chen Han Wei (陈汉玮)

Chen Han Wei

Handsome, looks friendly and mild, but inside the heart is sinister and ruthless, do whatever he wants. On the clear he is a respectable businessman, but secretly he opens smoking dens, gambling houses, to earn dirty money. Attracted by Qiao Er, after playing turns to target Yu Hong, and later fancies the simple Jiu Mei, extremely scurvy.

Hua Gu (花姑) – played by Pan Ling Ling (潘玲玲)

Pan Ling Ling

Adoptive mother of Jiu Mei, wears male Tangshan outfit, has a scar on face, but still can see that she was quite pretty when young. Quiet, extreme personality, drinks excessively, very strict with Jiu Mei, beats her without reason. Was one of the popular woman on Gong Xi street previously, but later after her lover was murdered, her character changed to eccentric, in order to leave the brothel, she self-mutilated with knife.

英英 (Ying Ying) – played by Pamelyn Chee (齊騛)

Young and quite pretty, easily fooled by sweet talk. Was originally a rich man’s concubine, later eloped with love cheater Chen Ji together with goldware and money. Both of them sits idle until all the money is spent, and wanders in public house, lives the days that may have and may have no meal. Sacrifice her beauty to become a “Camellia,” later develops true feeling with Xiao Xiao after misfortune.

Luo Da Da (罗大大) – played by Yao Wen Long (姚玟隆)

Yao Wen Long

Elder brother of Xiao Xiao, contrary with Xiao Xiao, he is short and solid, bald head, a little funny, and takes turn to pull rickshaw with Xiao Xiao. Honest, not good in talking, lives the days working hard. Secretly love “little runaway wife” Shu Ying Ying, and is framed by Chen Ji to be the culprit that kidnapped Shu Ying Ying, later he was killed.

Chen Ji (陈积) – acted by Wang Yu Qing (王昱清)

Articulate, sweet talking, targets the pretty and wealthy women to cheat their money and body.

Hei She (黑蛇) – acted by Rayson Tan (陈泰铭)

A small leader of black society, impulsive, violent, easily gets into fighting with knife, but does not dare to touch Hua Gu. The lover of Hua Gu died on his hand, so he always feels sorry to Hua Gu.

She Sao (蛇嫂) – played by Cynthia Koh (许美珍)

Cynthia Koh

Wife of Hei She, an ignorant woman, easy to be provoked. Has not giving birth to any child, secretly anxious about it. Later was cheated to have sex with Chen Ji, and is pregnant. Afraid of the adultery comes to light, she actually believes the instigation of Chen Ji to poison his husband.

Xiao Man (小曼) – played by Shi Xin Hui (石欣卉)

Shi Xin Hui

Core member of Li Ming Song and Dance Troupe, but due to limited ability, she cannot be promoted to main position, but always thinking of to be the main pillar. Relies on Qiao Er, hoping to succeed. Intention is not right.

Wang Jin Tu (王金土) – played by Alan Tern (唐育书)

Addicted to opium who lazy to work, to smoke opium, he can do anything from beating his wife to selling his daughter.

Fan Shu Sao (番薯嫂) – acted by Priscelia Chan (曾诗梅)

Wife of Jin Tu, submissive, always take any suffering silently without resistant, responsible for the burder of whole family, living the days very hard. Because of giving birth to three daughters to Wang family, always been scolded by husband and mother-in-law. Pregnant with fourth baby. Praying that the baby can be a male, but it does not as hoped.

Lin Ri Chuan (林日川) – acting by Desmond Sim (沈金兴)

Japanese spy, lurk in Singapore with the identify of businessmen to gather intelligence about British, act in collusion with Xu Kun, and by hook or by crook wants to intimate with Yu Hong.

Ba Jie (八姐) – acted by Jin Yin Ji (金银姬)

Jin Yin Ji

Distant relative of Mo Li Guang, but she refuses to recognize this poor relative. The landlady of the large public building, manage the mansion, is snobbish, mean, greedy for money, serves those in power.

Ye Jun (叶俊) – acted by Dick Su (苏才忠)

Liming Song and Dance Troupe manager, likes to change his view according to circumstances, has vile character. At first he always do as Qiao Er tells him to help to suppress Yu Hong, but later when seeing Yu Hong has an upper hand, he immediately turns to Yu Hong.

Zheng Ping Chang (郑平昌) – played by Zhong Ying Shi (钟应时)

Claims to be syphilis expert, who specializes in venereal disease treatment, but often causes death instead. Make some medicine improperly such as “guarantee to give birth to boy” medicine to cheat money.

Ah Cai (阿彩) – acted by May Phua (潘淑钦)

May Phua

Wife of Zheng Ping Chang, likes to gossip, desire to stir up trouble.