Synopsis summary for episode 1 to 5 of A Song to Remember drama series:

Episode 1

It’s unrest in 1930s Shanghai. A songstress Yu Hong is getting more popular and her jealous rival Qiao’er tries to harm her. Fortunately, musician Mo Li Guang saves her and both become acquainted.

Episode 2

The troupe travels to Singapore and Mo Li Guang accidentally ends up as a stowaway on the ship. Yu Hong helps him. Yu Hong shares her story about her long-lost love and Qiao’er decides to steal the story to make it her own.

Episode 3

Li Guang hears of Yu Hong’s story and composes a song for her. Yu Hong has the idea of using the song to create a story on stage. Qiao’er steals her ideas and presents it to the troupe leader. Yu Hong is furious.

Episode 4

In Singapore, Xu Kun has taken fancy to Jiumei and wants to have her for the night. Jiumei runs away and bumps into Li Guang. Li Guang’s aunt Ba Jie makes him stay with her tenants to collect rent. He not only fails to collect rent, he gets bullied as well.

Episode 5

Li Guang comes down with a high fever and Jiumei sings at a tea house to raise money for medicine. Yu Hong hears and rewards her for her good singing. Xiao Xiao also uses the money for the loansharks to help get more medicine for Li Guang.