A Song To Remember

A Song to Remember Episode 11 to 15 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 11 to 15 of A Song to Remember drama series:

Episode 11

Hua Gu looks for Yan Shi Qing to thrash things out. He gets Salted Fish to back him up. Mo Li Guang asks Xiao Xiao to look for Hong Shu and his team for help. Under everyone’s assistance, they manage to save Jiumei .

Episode 12

Yu Hong’s performance as a lovelorn songstress in the musical receives tremendous popularity. Ye Jun tries to harm Yu Hong by putting medicine in her tea to ruin her voice. Xiao Yue discovers in time and stops Yu Hong from drinking the tea.

Episode 13

Jiumei and Xiao Xiao bring Li Guang to see Yu Hong at the cabaret. Li Guang is nervous and excited. When he finally spots her, she walks to welcome Xu Kun and ignores Li Guang.

Episode 14

Yu Hong has not forgotten Li Guang, and even invites him to watch her performance. Qiao’er tries to steal Yu Hong’s concept again. This time, Yu Hong doesn’t back down. She tells Qiao’er to form her own musical and let the audience decide which is better.

Episode 15

Fan Shu Sao is forced to sell herself. Li Guang and Xiao Xiao disguise themselves as policemen to save her. In the process Xiao Xiao grabs the opportunity cause trouble, much to Jiumei’s disagreement. However, Xiao Xiao feels he has done nothing wrong and buys roast meat for everyone. She Sao sees the meat and accuses Da Da of stealing her meat.





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