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A Song to Remember Episode 16 to 20 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 16 to 20 of A Song to Remember drama series:

Episode 16

Yu Hong and Qiao’er compete and plan their individual dances. However, while Qiao’er seems to know exactly what Yu Hong will perform, Yu Hong is unable to tell what Qiao’er will perform. As a last resort, Yu Hong uses Li Guang’s new song as her performance piece.

Episode 17

Qiao’er wants to get rid of Yu Hong and plans with Ye Jun to hurt Yu Hong. However, Ye Jun eventually shows his true colours when he grabs hold of Qiao’er instead. Qiao’er reveals that she suspected all along that he could not be trusted. She douses Yu Hong with oil, with the intention of lighting her on fire.

Episode 18

Yu Hong is accused of killing Qiao’er and she needs Xu Kun’s help. While Xu Kun claims to help out of his goodwill, Yu Hong realizes too late that she has been manipulated by Xu Kun all along. She has no choice now but to listen to him.

Episode 19

Yu Hong saves Jiumei out with Xu Kun’s help, and becomes the number one songstress without Qiao’er. When the troupe leader leaves for Shanghai, Yu Hong is given control of the troupe and she invites Li Guang to be part of her team. He is grateful.

Episode 20

Xiao Xiao comes out to attack Xu Kun again but this time, Xu Kun is prepared. Xiao Xiao is hurt in the process. Xu Kun vows to hunt him down, and Yu Hong is worried for his safety.





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