A Song to Remember Episode 21 to 25 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 21 to 25 of A Song to Remember drama series:

Episode 21

An injured Xiao Xiao sends Da Da off on his final journey and is spotted by Dragon, who wants to take him in. Xiao Xiao has no choice but to leave. Xu Kun nearly recognizes Xiao Xiao but fortunately, Yu Hong distracts him.

Episode 22

Xiao Xiao returns as “Ha Ha Xiao” and wrecks havoc on the rich, and steals for the poor. Dragon tries his best to catch Xiao Xiao but to no avail. Xiao Xiao even manages to enter Xu Kun’s mansion to give him a good scare.

Episode 23

The troupe is in dire straits and Yu Hong has no choice but to ask Xu Kun for help. Xu Kun tells her that a man called Lin Re Chuan can help but hints that Chuan will want something in return. Yu Hong understands what she will have to sacrifice and is torn between saving the troupe and sacrificing herself.

Episode 24

Ye Jun secretly dresses Jiumei up and brings her to see Xu Kun. He tells her that if she wants to be famous, she will need to pander to Xu Kun. Jiumei refuses and hurts herself. Xu Kun pretends to be concerned and tells her he will not force her to do anything she doesn’t want to.

Episode 25

Jiumei appears on stage for the first time and receives praises for her performance. However when she returns to her usual hard labour chores, she gets mocked at. She relishes the idea of being a star and looks forward to going on stage again.





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