A Song to Remember Episode 26 to 30 (Final) Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 26 to 30 (the final episode) of A Song to Remember drama series:

Episode 26

Fan Shu Sao’s daughter is kidnapped and Fan Shu Sao collapses. Jiumei decides to sing to collect some money for her family’s medical fees. Dragon and Hong makes trouble to lure “Ha Ha Xiao” out. Xiao Xiao is furious and decides to do something about it.

Episode 27

Xiao Xiao appears again but lets Chen Zhi be his scapegoat. Dragon shoots Chen Zhi and decides to conveniently allow Chen Zhi to be known as “Ha Ha Xiao”. He announces that he has solved the case.

Episode 28

Hua Gu owes a large debt and Ba Jie says that if she doesn’t return the debt, she’ll send Hua Gu to the brothel. Jiumei cannot bear to see this happen and asks Xu Kun for. She tells him apart from betraying herself; she is willing to do anything in return for his help.

Episode 29

Xu Kun wants Jiumei to take over Yu Hong’s role. Yu Hong is devastated. Xiao Yue is furious and wants to burn Jiumei. Qiao’er stops her in time and claims that Xiao Yue is acting under Yu Hong’s orders. Jiumei cannot believe that Yu Hong will hurt her.

Episode 30 (Grand Finale)

Xu Kun holds Xiao Xiao at gunpoint. Xiao Xiao ‘begs’ for him to spare him. The mad Qiao’er wants to burn and kill Xu Kun, Yu Hong, Jiumei.. and afters, she escapes.. As the musical opens, the female lead prepares for her role as the lead, she is unaware that someone sinister is hiding in the shadows of the audience and waiting for the correct time, for her next move to remove the thorns of the flesh.





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