A Song To Remember

A Song to Remember Episode 6 to 10 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 6 to 10 of A Song to Remember drama series:

Episode 6

Qiao’er wants to suppress Yu Hong and prevents Yu Hong from performing on stage. Yu Hong decides she has had enough of the bullying and she plots her own revenge by using needles to hurt Qiao’er. As such, Qiao’er’s performance fails.

Episode 7

Qiao’er is furious at being set up and says that Yu Hong was the one who caused her bad performance. Xiao Yue jumps to Yu Hong’s defense, which angers Qiao’er more. She tells the troupe leader she will not perform unless Yu Hong and Xiao Yue get punished. The troupe leader has no choice but to disallow the two from performing.

Episode 8

Yu Hong seeks Xu Kun’s help as she knows that Qiao’er will do harm to her. Xu Kun keeps to his word and protects her when her life becomes endangered. Yu Hong is grateful, unaware that she has already slipped into his manipulative clutches.

Episode 9

Qiao’er’s performance at the cabaret is a success and Xu Kun celebrates with her. He discloses that he knows that Yu Hong’s attack has something to do with her. Qiao’er knows she cannot hide the truth and seeks Xu Kun’s help. He agrees on the condition that she spends the night with him.

Episode 10

Xiao Cui is sick but is forced by her father to continue serving customers. Li Guang and Jiumei try to save her but Jiumei ends up being caught by Xiao Cui’s father as well, and both girls are taken away.





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