The new SBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama which already shocked the nation with its bed scene on the first episode, A Thousand Days’ Promise, has already claimed the champion crown for viewership ratings for shows on the same time slot on its second episode.

According to AGB Neilsen Media Research, A Thousand Days’ Promise scored the rating of 13.5 of viewers on October 18th for its second episode. The rating was 0.7% higher than the rating of its first episode on October 17th, which scored 12.8%. However, the slightly better score was enough to ensure A Thousand Days’ Promise jumped ahead to claim number one top spot for ratings ranking.

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On the other hand, MBC’s Gyebaek’s rating fell 1.1% from 13.5% to 12.4% on October 18th, and it lost its leading rank to A Thousand Days’ Promise. KBS 2TV’s Poseidon fell 0.2% to 7.7% from 7.9%. Only A Thousand Days’ Promise drama series had its rating number rose.

“A Thousand Days’ Promise” was written by Kim Su-hyun, whose works have shown the ability to guarantee ratings. As such, the drama has gathered lots of interest even before its broadcast.

via Nate