The premiering JBTC Wednesday and Thursday drama series A Wife’s Credentials that broadcast of February 29th, 2012 achieved the national average rating of 1.07% according to AGB Nielson media research agency, ascended the champion throne in terms of ratings ranking among cable TV drama series broadcast at the same time, heighten the sense of anticipation for future broadcast.

On the day, Yoon Seo Rae who is playing by Kim Hee Ae is been blamed by husband Hang Sang Jin (Jang Hyun Sung) and the in-laws after the daughter of sister-in-law was admitted to International School, and she angrily moved to Daechi-dong.

On the first day of moving, Kim Hee Ae encounters mothers at Daechi-dong who are indulging in their children’s educational advancement, so she also sends her son to the best tuition class in the district. But in the examination, her son still failed, Kim Young Ae hence has a conflict with her husband. The drama exposes chaos situation of tuition boom in Gangnam.

In addition, with the plot of Kim Hee Ae encountered with dentist Lee Sung Jae who helped her to recover her bicycle, indicating that the passionate romantic story will be staged soon.

After the broadcast, audience commented, “Watching the drama, could feel that this world is so terrible”, “Kim Hee Ae who stays in Daechi-dong is so active, really curious, ” “The background as beautiful as movie, and practical lines, coupled with superb acting of the actors, really is the born of classic drama,” and so on, expressing the support and praise for the drama.

Besides, at the same time, Channel A’s Bachelor’s Vegetable Store and TV Chosun’s Operation Proposal rated 0.5% and 0.4% ratings respectively.

via Ilgan Sports