The plan to make the season 2 of Special Affairs Team TEN has been confirmed.

On January 13th, 2012, an official of ocn’s Special Affairs Team TEN said in a conversation, “Everybody including actors and production team is actively discussing about the season 2.”

He went on to say, “Today is the broadcast of last episode of first season, the audience’s response is very enthusiasm.” He added, “Hasn’t decided on when the filming will start and is still discussing the content of second season.”

Special Affairs Team TEN

In addition, not only about the making of season 2, the plan to make a movie has also been confirmed.

An entertainment industry official said, “The end of last episode is an open ending, so the side in charge of movie production in the producer CJ Entertainment also said, “there is an idea to make it into a movie.”

In this regard, an official said, “It’s not finalized yet, current situation is that if making a movie then the content and other details needed to be negotiated among all parties.”

via Nate