Actor Ahn Jae Woo was praising the acting of guest star Seungri of BigBang, the atmosphere of the filming set was warm.

Seung Ri was appearing in Lights and Shadows episode 9 and episode 10 broadcast on December 26 and 27, 2011 respectively as Ahn Jae Soo, a trainee singer who stays at Yeosu city, showing his comedy acting skill.

Ahn Jae Soo introduced himself as “Nam Jin of Yeosu,” and asked group leader if he could changed him into a singer. He recklessly wanted to treat Kang Ki Tae (Ahn Jae Wook) a drink, saying “soon will become a family, take good care of brother is what I supposed to do,” showing his slick acting.

A production crew revealed that although the casting for the role of Ahn Jae Soo was done among many idols, but Seungri won many votes with his attentive consideration and energetic especially in acting. And because there is a need to perform with accent, it’s the key advantage in decision of casting him who born in Gwangju. He added, “Seungri uses hometown dialect regularly in daily life, used to the daily used language, and even helped to guide the accent of the actors. The shooting was done happily even in cold weather, and he displayed acting above expectation, the atmosphere was joyful.”

The relevant personnel said, “Among the main actors only Ahn Jae Wook is good at retrieving news, very concern about the response of audience, and is particularly happy with the enthusiastic response from the viewers after the performance of Seung Ri. He praised, “Just let Seungri stars regularly.”

Ahn Jae Wook and Seungri

Seungri responded, “Very happy and fun to cameo, very grateful to actors whom treated me nicely. If there is a chance, would like to challenge for another time.”

Meanwhile, Seungri was giving viewers surprise fun by perfectly interpreting the role of passionate trainee singer with fluent dialect in the drama. After the broadcast, viewers praised, “Look forward to Seungri in such a role,” “Very suitable for dialect acting,” “Acting during cameo is also above expectation,” and so on.

via Star News