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Lights and Shadows

Drama Title: Lights and Shadows
Korean Title: 빛과 그림자
Revised Romanization: Bitgwa Geurimja / Bichgwa Geulimja / Bit-gwa Geu-rim-ja
Chinese Title: 光与影
Japanese Title: 光と影
Genre: Drama, History, Musical, War
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 28 November 2011
Language: Korean
Air Time: Monday and Tuesday 21:55

Preceded By: Gyebaek
Followed By:

Plot Summary / Planning

Lights and Shadows storyline covers the 50 years period from 1960s to present day. With major historical incidents such as Vietnam War, May 16 military coup d’etat and the assassination of Korean President Park Chung-hee as background, the drama gives viewers an opportunity to look back contemporary history through observing people living in the shackling era.

The drama focuses on the world of mass culture and arts during the era, as the entertainment need of the public was fulfilled through theater before the popularity of TV. It probes the meaning of live through performing group at Chungmuro film studio and all over the country, and the love and desire between people.


“Lights and Shadows” tells the life of Kang Ki-Tae (played by Ahn Jae-Wook) who debuted as a entertainer at American military base stage for American soldiers and troops, and later works in show business. He is widely regarded as the godfather of the entertainment industry, can control the success and failure of those who wants to be star. But even with such great power, he still feels emptiness in heart, and the appearance of Lee Jung Hye (played by Nam Sang Mi) makes up the void. Lee Jung Hye is turned from ugly duckling to white swam overnight, and is active in show business, becoming a top star. The flickering of spotlight caused her to temporarily lose herself, and is mentally and physically exhausted with love of two men. In fact, the unlucky life has been indicated since she became a star.


Ahn Jae Wook (안재욱) as Kang Ki Tae (강기태)
Nam Sang Mi (남상미) as Lee Jung Hye (이정혜)
Lee Pil Mo (이필모) as Cha Soo Hyuk (차수혁)
Son Dam Bi (손담비) as Yoo Chae Young (유채영)
Jun Kwang Ryul (전광렬) as Jang Chul Hwan (장철환)
Lee Jong won (이종원) as Jo Myeong Gook (조명국)
Sung Ji Roo (성지루) as Sin Jeong Goo (신정구)
Shin Da Eun (신다은) as Kang Myeong Hee (강명희)
Son Jin Yeong (손진영) as Hong Soo Bong (홍수봉)
Ahn Kil Kang (안길강) as No Sang Taek (노상택)
Lee Se Chang (이세창) as Choi Seong Won (최성원)
Kim Hee Won (김희원) as Yang Tae Seong (양태성)
Ryu Dam (류담) as Yang Dong Cheol (양동철)
Jun Gook Hwan (전국환) as Kang Man Sik (강만식)
Park Won Sook (박원숙) as Park Kyeong Ja (박경자)
Kim Mi kyung (김미경) as Kim Geum Rye (김금례)
Seo Seung Man (서승만) as Johnny Boy (쟈니보이)
Kim Dong Gyoon (김동균) as Cherry Boy (앵두보이)
Ha Jae Sook (하재숙) as Kim Gye Soon (김계순)
Lee Ah Yi (이아이) as Lee Kyung Sook (이경숙)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Joo Hwan (이주환)
Screenwriter: Choi Wan Kyu (최완규)

Episode Ratings (Ranking)

DateEpisodeNationwide (TNS)Seoul (TNS)Nationwide (AGB)Seoul (AGB)
November 28 201118.6 (20th)10.2 (14th)9.5 (14th)11.0 (9th)
November 29 201128.7 (20th)10.2 (13th)9.8 (13th)11.3 (9th)
5 December 201137.19.010.4 (14th)
6 December 201148.49.7 (19th)10.5 (11th)12.0 (6th)
12 December 201158.19.8 (15th)9.0 (19th)10.7 (14th)
13 December 201169.0 (20th)11.2 (12th)10.1 (13th)11.3 (12th)
19 December 201177.28.5 (17th)10.7 (10th)12.5 (8th)
20 December 201187.28.7 (18th)10.6 (15th)12.5 (11th)
26 December 201199.4 (18th)12.1 (9th)13.2 (7th)15.8 (3rd)
27 December 20111010.9 (12th)13.9 (5th)14.1 (4th)16.4 (3rd)
2 January 2012118.8 (20th)11.2 (11th)12.9 (11th)15.3 (4th)
3 January 20121210.7 (16th)12.3 (8th)15.0 (5th)17.8 (4th)
9 January 20121310.4 (17th)13.0 (8th)13.7 (7th)16.2 (3rd)
10 January 20121410.3 (15th)13.1 (8th)14.7 (6th)17.1 (3rd)
16 January 20121511.8 (13th)14.0 (7th)16.8 (3rd)20.0 (3rd)
17 January 20121612.8 (8th)14.6 (5th)17.6 (3rd)20.6 (2nd)
23 January 20121710.4 (4th)12.3 (4th)14.7 (3rd)18.0 (1st)
24 January 20121812.5 (4th)13.9 (5th)17.1 (3rd)20.2 (1st)
30 January 20121911.6 (9th)13.2 (4th)16.3 (3rd)19.0 (3rd)
31 January 20122013.8 (5th)14.7 (4th)17.7 (3rd)20.7 (3rd)
6 February 20122113.0 (8th)14.8 (5th)16.8 (3rd)20.8 (3rd)
7 February 20122216.5 (5th)19.3 (4th)19.3 (3rd)22.8 (2nd)
13 February 20122312.8 (8th)14.8 (6th)17.1 (3rd)19.9 (3rd)
14 February 20122414.9 (6th)17.0 (4th)19.0 (3rd)22.0 (2nd)
20 February 20122514.7 (7th)18.2 (3rd)17.6 (3rd)21.1 (2nd)
21 February 20122614.8 (7th)16.2 (4th)18.1 (4th)21.4 (2nd)
27 February 20122713.6 (6th)15.0 (4th)15.7 (5th)18.5 (4th)
28 February 20122813.9 (8th)15.9 (4th)16.5 (4th)20.3 (3rd)
5 March 20122913.3 (9th)15.4 (5th)16.3 (5th)19.6 (3rd)
6 March 20123014.3 (6th)16.6 (4th)17.6 (4th)20.7 (4th)
12 March 20123115.3 (7th)17.6 (5th)17.5 (4th)20.5 (3rd)
13 March 20123215.8 (6th)18.3 (4th)17.9 (4th)21.0 (3rd)
19 March 20123318.7 (3rd)21.1 (1st)22.5 (1st)26.2 (1st)
20 March 20123419.8 (3rd)21.0 (1st)22.2 (3rd)24.8 (1st)
26 March 20123518.5 (3rd)21.2 (3rd)20.6 (3rd)23.4 (1st)
27 March 20123619.9 (4th)22.1 (1st)23.2 (1st)26.6 (1st)
2 April 20123718.2 (4th)21.7 (1st)21.7 (3rd)24.8 (1st)
3 April 20123820.7 (3rd)24.1 (1st)23.8 (1st)26.8 (1st)
9 April 20123920.0 (3rd)23.8 (1st)21.9 (3rd)24.9 (1st)
10 April 20124021.4 (3rd)25.5 (1st)24.1 (1st)27.3 (1st)
16 April 20124120.0 (3rd)24.3 (1st)20.8 (3rd)23.2 (1st)
17 April 20124221.1 (2nd)25.0 (1st)22.3 (1st)24.9 (1st)
23 April 20124321.3 (3rd)26.5 (1st)21.7 (2nd)24.4 (1st)
24 April 20124421.6 (3rd)24.7 (1st)23.6 (1st)26.5 (1st)
30 April 20124520.6 (3rd)25.2 (1st)21.5 (3rd)24.3 (1st)
1 May 20124622.1 (2nd)26.5 (1st)22.3 (2nd)24.9 (1st)
7 May 20124719.3 (2nd)22.9 (1st)20.5 (1st)23.6 (1st)
8 May 20124819.5 (1st)23.0 (1st)22.7 (1st)25.9 (1st)
14 May 20124919.9 (2nd)26.3 (1st)21.8 (2nd)24.3 (1st)
15 May 20125020.9 (1st)26.7 (1st)22.8 (1st)26.0 (1st)
21 May 20125119.8 (3rd)24.1 (1st)21.2 (2nd)23.8 (1st)
22 May 20125220.6 (3rd)25.2 (1st)21.5 (1st)24.5 (1st)
28 May 20125318.7 (3rd)23.2 (1st)20.3 (2nd)24.0 (1st)
29 May 20125420.3 (2nd)24.3 (1st)20.5 (1st)23.0 (1st)
4 June 20125519.1 (3rd)22.5 (1st)20.3 (3rd)23.6 (1st)
5 June 20125621.2 (3rd)25.4 (1st)21.3 (2nd)24.8 (1st)
11 June 20125719.6 (3rd)23.8 (1st)18.7 (3rd)21.7 (2nd)
12 June 20125819.2 (2nd)22.8 (1st)19.1 (2nd)22.4 (1st)
18 June 201259

Source: TNmS and AGB Nielson


  • Lights and Shadows is a special drama production in celebration of 50th anniversary of MBC.
  • The drama production cost is projected at $15 billion Korean won.

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