Alice Ke Jia Yan Celebrated Birthday in Cry Scene

Actress Alice Ke Jia Yan celebrated her on January 10th, 2012, but she has to celebrate the birth in the midst of filming. Seeing the gifts prepared by her agency and fans, she was moved to choking. Yang Li-Yin who plays the role of her mother in the drama was also born on the same day, she laughed and said, “Really a predestined relationship.”

The TTV and SET idol drama “Office Girls” was filming in Taoyuan on January 10th, 2012. The agency of Alice Ke Jia Yang brought along coffee machine, strawberry cake and gifts sent by fans, and celebrated her birthday together with Roy Chiu and other staffs, she choked but dared not to cry, “Because have to film a cry scene, so when makeup will waste everybody’s time.”

Ke Jia Yan made the “smooth working,” “everybody is healthy,” and other wishes. She said that previously she mostly had meal with family and friends during birthday, “This year I originally planned to do so, but after shooting, it may already over 10 pm at night. I shot cry scene during new year, now birthday also shooting cry scene, really very memorable day.”

There was fan who collected the photos of Ke Jia Yan from childhood to adult, and made it into video to give to her, she was so touched and shed tears, “Get their blessing over the Internet, watching you growth, I feel so warm.”

The day was also the birthday of Yang Li Yin, Ke Jia Yan said, “We play the roles of mother and daughter, many people said we look like, and also born on the same day, really is a predestined relationship.”

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