Sonia Sui Tang does not use credit card, “Office Girls” Alice Ke Jia Yan is like finding a bosom friend. On November 23rd, 2011, she said, she has never applied for credit card before, and is always using cash to buy things. Even when buying home appliances, she was bringing TWD $100,000 (about USD $3290) cash to pay. She has always felt that there is nowhere where she can use credit card, and also does not need the credit card. After knowing Sonia Sui Tang is similar with her, she happily said, “So there is still people with no card!”

She jumped across from movie to TV drama series “Office Girls” and becomes immensely popular. Originally she is already spokesperson for Korea cosmetic brand, and on November 23rd, she accepted to be spokesperson for another Internet product. Although the invitation to activities is a lot, but she has to push away because of the filming. She said, her life is not changed, goes out without makeup as usual, wears a mask, takes mass transit, only will take taxi when rushing for time. So far, the most expensive thing she bought for herself is a camera costs TWD $25,000 (about USD $822).

Actor Roy Chiu Ze, Wen Sheng Hao, Janel Tsai, Patrick Li and Alice Ko were having fun amid hardship. On November 23rd, they posted on their Weibo several kuso (spoof) photos where they were lying on the road respectively. Alice Ke laughed and said, “It’s because they started work on 9am the day before yesterday, until 2am of the next day. Everybody was so tired.”

via China Times