After the Office Girls premiered on Taiwan airwaves, many viewers have noticed that all three main lead actresses in the drama has a mole on their face, namely Alice Ke, Tia Li Yufen, and Guo Shu Yao.

Netizens were surprise to notice a mole on Alice Ke’s face though. Alice Ke smiled and explained, “This is because of effect of make-up, and also because of recording in HD high quality video, so the mole looks dirty in the shot, so eventually has to deepen it to look better.” Coincidentally, other than Alice Ke, Tia Li and Guo Shu Yao also have mole on their face. Alice Key said, “The mole, is the most feminine part of my whole body.”

Alice Ke

On the other hand, Roy Qiu analyzed the characteristics of the three actresses, “Alice Ke is natural and refreshing, Tia Li is relatively calm and separate work and private, while Guo Shy Yao is youthful.” Asked who he prefer more? Roy Chiu replied: “Ke Jia Yan, because I have more scene with her.”