When people is in the vulnerable state or is depressed, the inner feeling can easily be released if received a phone call from parents at home.

Alice Ke Jia Yan Cries in Office Girls

Although Alice Ke (柯佳嬿) acts as an optimistic girl who is working hard in “Office Girls” by TTV and SETTV, but the crying plot is inevitable. On a scene where she received the call from her in-drama mother, she is relying on remembering her late father to develop the emotion, and managed to cry with tears all over the face.

In the drama, Shen Xing Ren (played by Alice Ke Jia Yan) accidentally broke the expensive red wine, and has to compensate around 1 million Taiwanese dollar. Qin Zi Qi (played by Roy Qui Tse) wants to console her after finding out, and at this time, Xing Ren’s mother just called. Xing Ren rushed to the bathroom and locked up the door to talk on phone, and shed the tears after hearing mother’s voice.

Ke Jia Yan said, “When shooting this scene, I was able to feel affection, because I thought of the late father, I obviously very concerned about him, but did not say it. And it’s too late to say when he died, and my heart is very regret.” She used to have cold war with father because of relationship issue, but later her father passed away, making her to be very sad. In her previous drama, she has also developed the emotion for cry scene with the same method.

But and the Cold War, and later his father died in accidents, very sad for her, before the movie, the crying scene is so emotional training. But her tears out of control, not a long time to calm down emotions, crying to everyone, said: “How can the people cry out to call it a day!”

But this round her tears was non-stoppable, and she cannot calmed down her emotion for a long time. She crying and said, “How can make people cry and then call it a day?”

via UDN