Amber Kuo Praises Roy Chiu as Always Handsome

Roy Chiu and Alice Ke Jia Yan attended the last fans meet session for Office Girls on January 15th, 2012, and passed the “Milk Bear” and “Lazy Bear” to the lead actor and actress of succeeding drama “Love Forward,” Amber Kuo Tsai Chieh and Weber Yang.

Roy Chiu and Amber Kuo used to star in “Woody Sambo,” and both of them has not met for a long time. Amber Kuo praised Roy Chiu as charming as usual, Roy Chiu replied, “Because I have always been thinking about how to find braking point, turn-in point,” provoking laughter.

The fans of Office Girls spread all over China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore. For the meet the fans event, there were enthusiastic fans who came to the event 1 am the previous night, and there were even fans from came as far as Portugal just to see the idols face to face, showing the amazing charm of Office Girls.

Ke Jia Yan made the promise to show her abdominal muscles if the ratings break 6, but she said, “It’s hard to girls to train, and it’s suffering to consume oil in winter, so only manage to develop the two lines besides the abdominal. She also is troubling, “I do not know it’s more embarrassing for drawing the abs, or for showing a flat stomach?” Guo Shu-Yao suggested that she changes to expose the chest, while Tia Li Yu Fen joked, “Printed with barbecue grills.”

Amber Kuo participated “30-Hour Famine” activity, and just returned from Kenya, and she was very worried about whether there would be contact issue with the tanning of skin. Amber Kuo who stopped singing for a while for filming revealed that she will release a new album in May 2012, the new songs will complement that Love Forward drama series.

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