Ariel Lin Yi Chen and Chen Bo Lin become the best on screen couple on the mind of viewers after co-starring in In Time with You (I May Not Love You) this year. Based on more than 100 million searches conduced on Yahoo! Kimo Taiwan search engine throughout the year that reflects on the online public opinion, it’s announced that Ariel Lin Yi Chen is 2011 “most popular TV series actress.” Ariel Lin Yi Chen is happy and thanked the support of netizens, and she did not forget to emphasize that she never said she will not act in drama series forever, instead she will not act in many drama series at the same time at short period of time. She does not plan to exit the TV series market.

On the night of December 9th, 2011, Ariel Lin Yi Chen and Vivian Dawson appeared at Hankyu department store. Two persons were invited by Japan Tourism Agency to promote the activity to visit Japan to celebrate Christmas. Two persons conducted the light up ceremony for the giant pink Christmas tree in the rain, the atmosphere was very romantic.

Talking about visiting Japan, Ariel Lin Yi Chen helplessly said she went to Japan because of work, and did not run into a special holiday, so does not have an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of white Christmas. And for Christmas Day this year she will attend wedding ceremony of cousin, and served as bridesmaid. Although she is currently single without boyfriend, but gathering together with family members can also feel happiness.

Vivian Dawson strongly love with Queen of Heaven Ariel Lin Yi Chen, but he pleaded that currently he has no Christmas plan, still avoiding the sensitive topic. But currently Ariel Lin Yi Chen is the spokeswoman for a supermarket chain doll point reward program, and the day’s endorsement activity was also sponsored by the supermarket chain, Vivian Dawson followed to endorse in spirit of “wife singing husband following.” He only said, “Really happy to be able to endorse the supermarket chain.”

via Yes! Entertainment