FTV and GTV idol drama In Time with You has a kissing scene between Sunny Wang Yang Ming and Ariel Lin Yi Chen. Before filming the kiss scene, both of them does not have much communication, but Ariel Lin said it’s not embarrassing, “Will do what is requested by director, once director shouted cut then watched the monitor, if no good then re-shoot again.”

Both of them who want perfection has kissed for four to five times. Sunny Wang said, “Because the arrangement of director for filming is very detailed, in addition both me and Ariel Lin is Scorpio, belongs to the kind of relatively calm and orderly, and more interesting is that I always carry along the necessary mouthwash, because the director very likes kissing, you never know! Anytime he may asks us to kiss.”

Ariel Lin Yi Chen and Sunny Wang Yang Ming Kissing

via UDN