Ariel Lin C-Cup Busty Cleavage

Ariel Lin Reveals Sexy Body with C-Cup Cleavage and Bare Back

Actress Ariel Lin Yi Chen is deserved to be the best actress winner of Golden Bell Awards, as the idol dramas she acted in have always been very popular. The In Time with You that is highly popular recently has also caused wide discussions.

The popular Ariel Lin is also taking advantage to endorse three big brands of haircare products at one go, namely Pantene, Head & Shoulders and Vidal Sassoon, earning a seven digit renumeration. But Ariel Lin is very dedicated, changed into three set of sexy clothes, all of which makes her as a fairy, breaking her nice girl next door image which seldom revealing. Instead, Ariel Lin is appearing with a perfect long hair that shows sexy amorous feelings.

For example, she was wearing all-white V angel costume which reveals her C-cup breast’s cleavage to portray that Pantene’s winter damage hair care repair concept, then she wore a gown with all her back naked until almost butt cleavage to emphasis the spirity of “care stars from scalp” of Head & Shoulders, and finally, she changed into a female policeman cosplay with whip who wore sexy hot uniform and stuck her buttock, inheriting the image of Vidal Sassoon spokeswoman Namie Amuro.

Since debut, Ariel Lin has been very desired to endorse for hair care products. She who always has long hair is treating her hair as pet, spending an hour every day for hair care. Ariel Lin said, “The hair quality is like the material of cloth, has natural texture, if texture is good enough, it will always beautiful no matter how you shoot. If the hair sheen or hair gloss is not enough, the degree of sexiness will be greatly reduced!”

Ariel Lin who filled her craving her acting in various role-playing and cosplay in the endorsement said, “This is my first time to perform so sexily. My most liked style is naked back, very challenging, because the naked back dressing will cause all the vision to focus on the back, is the important moment that put hair quality to test.

Ariel Lin was also been asked the topic that can’t escaped by mature woman, that’s marriage. Ariel Lin said, “If my future husband is willing to help me apply hair mask, care for the hair, then I will consider.” This leads people to think about in the drama In Time with You, the scene of Li Da Ren (played by Bo-Lin Chen) helped Cheng You Qing (played by Lin Yi Chen) to remove her makeup seriously, which deeply grabbed the heart of the fans. May be in the next idol drama, the scene can be changed to lead actor helps the lead actress to care for the hair.

Watch the behind the scene of the CF photo shot session of Ariel Lin’s endorsements:





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