Audience Amazed at Perfect Emotional Acting of YoonA

Idol YoonA, turned out to be an actress with such a good acting skill.

In episode 13 of KBS 2TV drama “Love Rain” aired on May 7th, 2012, YoonA demonstrated her acting strength which grown even more, amazed the viewers. YoonA perfectly interpreted the sadness of Ha Na. Not only so, she also skillfully portrayed the sad in the heart, but have to keep a smile, to the extent that nobody would believe she is an idol.

On the day’s broadcast, Jung Ha Na (YoonA) and Seo Joon (Jang Geun Suk) broke up tearfully. Jung Ha Na is confused after knowing the first love of her mother Kim Yoon Hee is father of Seo Joon, Seo In Ha. After arriving in Seoul without speaking a word with Seo Joon along the way, Jung Ha Na drunk after drinking a lot. Back home, Seo Joon said to crying Ha Na, “Let’s… walking together? No, right?” Listening, Jung Ha Na was just silently shedding tears, without answering.

After the acting of tearing, YoonA showed an even deeper inner heart acting. Crossed path with Seo In Ha who is together with Yoon Hee, Jung Ha Na pretended that she’s OK, and said, “The sea is beautiful, right? Mom always wants to go to the seaside with professor Seo.” Seo In Ha said he plans to marry Yoon Ha. Jung Ha Na froze the moment she heard it, but immediately adjusted her mood, and answered long-winded, “Very happy, congratulations to you, professor Seo, congratulations to you, mom. In future, my mother is entrusted to you, must let her happy. How did you propose?”

Crying and smiling, the emotion of Jung Ha Na has constantly changed, and the acting skill of YoonA who played the role of Jung Ha Na has grown to the extent of able to completely interpreted the scene. Thus, it can be seen that the acting strength of YoonA has went beyond the level of idol to reach the level of actor.

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10 responses to “Audience Amazed at Perfect Emotional Acting of YoonA”

  1. greace Avatar

    yoona really is the best actress…she is so talented….woow..AMAZING YOONA!…fantastic acting.
    she is so good actress…I love this!…thanks U.

  2. Tarits Sim Avatar

    Give Yoona more good projects and her depth in acting will even be honed further. I won’t be surprised if in the near future, she gets an acting award. She and JGS make a beautiful pair and I hope other PD’s will give them another project.

    1. David Thang Avatar

      she already got 5 acting awards at the Baeksang and KBS Awards!!
      WE r soo proud our TALENTED YOONA!!

  3. junius.x999x Avatar

    Jang Geun Seuk line is translated wrongly ??

  4. Yoona.Lover Avatar

    Yoona <3<3 =D Amazing !!! :D

  5. I Am Now Impressed Im YoonA Avatar
    I Am Now Impressed Im YoonA

    Honestly, I was the 1st one to jump on the bandwagon of how idols can’t act, but YoonA has impressed me in Love Rain. Especially the emotional scenes (which were a weaker point for her before) !! She did great! I hope that she and JGS win best couple for Love Rain. [That kiss scene >.<]

    I definitely recommend this drama to anyone. It's up there with Secret Garden for me :D

  6. joonhana Avatar

    yoona really improved her acting skill i hope they can give her more projects so that she can develop and showcase more her acting , unfortunately i dont think she will as they are now planing on focusing on us debut too bad it will be a waste of her talent cause honestly i like her acting more than her singing

  7. Gex-McCreerian Avatar

    she is so pretty.. and very great acting…with sad on face..

  8. David Thang Avatar

    Yoona is soo Talented in acting…I even cried when she was crying.  It was as if it reli happening in reality!!
    I hope Yoona wins many more awards for her phenomenal performance!!

  9. farzaneh Avatar

    What are you talking about???!!!!!!!!
    I think she acted awfully!!APATHETIC !

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