Actress Lee Shi Young debuted for only four years, her success is much faster than any other actors. She never did any extras or temporary actors, and receives much attention when playing a supporting role in 2009 drama Boys over Flowers. Then she acted as protagonist in movie Dangerous Love and Couples. Lee Si Young who is plain sailing for the last few years recently appears in KBS drama Wild Romance as actress in leading role. She plays the role of bodyguard Yoo Eun Jae for baseball player Park Moo Yul (Lee Dong Wook) who is facing crisis of been attacked. On January 10th, 2012, reporter interviewed Lee Si Young on the filming set, she said, “In order to immerse into the character, I cut short the beloved long hair.” Here’s the excerpts of the interview:

Q: After the previous drama Poseidon, another action drama, do you feel tired?

“Not at all. Instead has the desire to “properly learn the action movie” since filming Poseidon. In Poseidon, I was very passing when filming action scenes. At that time I felt that I was not good at this, and now I still can’t make it. Now want to try action scenes that mix emotion and longer opponent play. In South Korea, there is not much skilled actress in action. Through this drama, I feel that I found the skills.”

Q: Before “Poseidon” you had always appeared as beautiful, sexy role. Don’t you feel a little monotonous?

“May be, but I did not know at the time. Because everybody is doing this, so I thought I should be too. I used to slim down, put on makeup, wear a wig… and also received a lot of invitation to star in the role of wealthy girl.”

Q: The drama you starred in mostly are idol drama or comedy film. Isn’t it a bit narrow in term of range of performance?

“Is not intended to be the case. At the beginning of debut, I was determined to show a variety of different image. But now want to open up all the possibilities. In my starring roles, I should be able to find a way I want. May be I haven’t work hard enough.”

Q: After you won the champion for 48kg category of South Korean amateur female boxing competition in March 2011, you have been famous as “boxing actress.” What you do think of it?

“I used to play a role of boxer in MBC’s short drama, and since then fall in love with box and started to learn about it. At the time people around me said that I am very talented, so I formally learned. Boxing has changed me. I become more truthful to people, and more straightforward.”

Q: After winning the champion in the competition, why you always refuse the interview related to boxing?

“I have some panic and fear over the overly interest that came suddenly. As an actress, I also afraid that if my boxing side is stressed will affect my acting career.”

Q: In fact, you have played major roles since debut, what do you think is the reason?

“Rather than saying it’s appearance or ability, I think it’s more like luck. I still have many shortcomings. May be only has the title of acting as heroine, now is still not the level of been recognized in term of acting. The things I received far exceeded what I owned. Although I want to become a lead actress who brings sense of satisfaction to the audience, but it takes some time. When in the process of filming TV series, I also attends acting lesson, also has a lot of distress.”

Q: After cutting your hair, you also permed the hair?

“I bet myself in Wild Romance. It’s it’s a character that leads the drama from the beginning to the end, so I made up my mind. The hairstyle was found from the male hairstyle. In order to appear more stubborn, also permed it to curly.

Q: The ratings of previous drama Poseidon was not too good, and the initial ratings of Wild Romance is not high either. How do you think?

“If saying no burden, it’s a lie. But I devote myself to the drama, and shooting is also very happy, I believe will get better.”

Q: Feel that your personality is a little easy-going but also unconventional, is it so?

“Sometimes I also thinking of what’s my characteristic, I’m not sure of it either. Changed a lot after debut. But there is one thing that did not change absolutely, is that I’m very cheerful. Because I’m an actress, I always try to keep upright image in front of crews, but feel that ‘it seems that I am not good.’ Even so, is this helpful for acting? Isn’t it better than the gloomy character?” (laughs)

via Chosun