Birth of Kang Dong Ho & Lim Joo Eun Couple Provokes Laughter

In the KBS2 TV series Wild Romance, the couple of calm manager Kim Tae Han (played by Kang Dong Ho) and carefree girl Kim Dong Ah (played by Lim Joo Eun) was born, well loved by the audience.

In the episode 10, the relationship of Kim Dong Ah and Kim Tae Han took a leap forward. Manager Kim eventually confesses his love to Kim Dong Ah.

Previously, manager Kim has always been showing concern to Dong Ah, strongly requests to go to Dong Ah’s house, and says, “Let’s drink tea together.” In Dong Ah’s home, he drinks grapefruit tea and expresses the firm determination. He said: “I’m not coming to drink tea. I am coming to seduce Kim Dong Ah.” The too honest confession of manager Kim caused Dong Ah to can’t help but to laugh.

“In relationship with me?” Kim Dong Ah looks at him and ironically said: “Thank you,” an absurd answer. Kim Tae Han answered, “you’re welcome,” provoking laughter. The two persons who newly in love are embarrassed, but there there is a fresh hilarious romantic expectations.

In particular, the scene that discussed what the couple should do also led to the laughing. Because of radiation from cell phone’s electromagnetic wave may be harmful, manager Kim wants to cancel the item of calling whole night, but to the term of endearment between lovers, Dong Ah would not compromise, the cheerful and bright scene attracted people’s attention.

The two persons who have opposite image became a couple, and viewers have been looking forward to the future episode with unlimited fun.

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4 responses to “Birth of Kang Dong Ho & Lim Joo Eun Couple Provokes Laughter”

  1. Parisgirl_13 Avatar

    i love them very much! its too soon to request but i hope they will be acting together again Ekekeke

  2. Brnss Dv Avatar
    Brnss Dv

    Yeah I’m watching them on Wild Romance. For me, they are the main role. I’m waiting them un patiently.. Love both of you, Manager Kim and miss Dong Ah..

  3. pororo Avatar

    I love both of them,.. such a very awkward couple :D
    so funny..
    They look like the main couple..

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