Hong Soo Hyun and Park Ji Yoon are starring in new Channel A drama series “Goodbye Dear Wife” in the characters of wife and first love of Ryu Shi Won respectively.

The production team released the stills of the two actresses in the drama which show off respective different charms. In the photos, Hong Soo Hyun was wearing the black charming gown. On the contrary, Park Ji Yoon was wearing a red one-piece dress. Two persons demonstrated the different characteristics of the characters in the drama through clothing.

An official of the drama series said, “Hong Soo Hyun and Park Ji Yoon play the role of Kang Sun Ah and Oh Hyang Gi respectively, and they perfectly portray the characters in the drama. In addition, the role played by Park Ji Yoon is double-sided, having different images on the day and night. The charm of the roles demonstrated through the drama also heightened the anticipation for the drama.”