Bolin Chen and Ariel Lin Kiss Continuous for 7 Times to Bridal Chamber

After 12 episodes 15 years of twists and turns for Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren, the episode 13 of In Time with You can be called the night of pay back to fans, two persons continuously kissed for 7 times. Experiencing long distance love, courtship, marriage, first night at bridal chambel, honeymoon, the family life after splendid, the warm has let the fans felt satisfied.

When Li Daren lost to love, said, “I lost! Really worthwhile to lost to you whom I deeply loved,” Cheng You Qing unable to decide, but the cheating of Ding Li Wei helped her to make a decision.

She went abroad to travel for eight months, on the first birthday after returned to Taiwan, the two kissed for first time, Li Da Ren said, “In the past fifteen years we always have lots to talk about, so the next fifteen years, the next fifteen years after fifteen years, the next next next fifteen years, and I guarantee thee, I will always stay by your side.” Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren turned from friend into lover, they love fiercely and fanatically. Both of them comes and goes, and has long distance relationship between Taiwan and Singapore.

The proposal of Li Da Ren brought the second climax, Da Ren said, “Apply to transfer back to Taiwan need a qualified reason, surely I can’t write wants to go home, miss Taiwan’s food these kind of reasons, so I wrote… marrying.” Cheng You Qing cried, “Li Da Ren, this is the worst proposal I ever heart.”

The wedding ceremony that’s like high school reunion party and the bride and groom first night are also very high, classmates shouted “dog man cat woman” to join the the fun! “The happiness to break up a pair of good friend, in fact is far less than the joy of sending a pair of foes into bridal chamber!” In the bridal chamber located in a room of hotel, lying more than twenty drunk classmates, and that’s the newly wedded first day of Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren, the friendship that cannot be escaped, trailing all the way.

There is dispute after both persons married, returning to the necessities of married couple’s life, for for Li Da Ren, it’s “It’s good enough if I can be certain that I’m together with you when the end of the world arrives. My principle is that I will not let you leave my side forever.” For Cheng You Qing, it’s “Has a job that I like, has a beloved home, has him, officially walk in a formal way to happiness.”

This is a rare happy ending of drama series that left no regret. The drama ended, and it’s believed that many fans will miss the show, but they completely enjoy and affect the happiness and sweetness in episode 13.

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