The synopsis summary for Singapore drama Bountiful Blessings, from episode 1 to 5:

Episode 1

Fuxi and her father Er-Hu run a restaurant called Wan Fu Lou. Her husband left her and her daughter Yi Fei years ago. Dafeng, who was suppose to marry Fuxi, left after her act of betrayal. It turns out Fuxi’s husband is the Kitchen God and his fate is intertwined with hers. Years ago, he came down from the heavens to try and help match-make Dafeng and Fuxi but in a mistake, ends up getting Fuxi pregnant.

Episode 2

Fuxi faces a restaurant problem with a food poisoning issue and has no choice but to look for Dafeng for help. Dafeng wants her to sell Wan Fu Lou to him, and says he is the cause of her problem. It turns out Dafeng wants revenge after being humiliated and heart-broken when Fuxi had to cancel their wedding plans. To make up to Dafeng, Fuxi decides to sell Wan Fu Lou.

Episode 3

Fuxi gets Wan Fu Lou back through the secret help of the Kitchen God. Dong Hai pretends to be mentally challenged to con money. Fuxi tries to help him but ends up getting Dong Hai hurt. Thinking that his injuries are severe, she brings him home to recuperate. She realizes that Dong Hai has problems with his sense of taste. Dong Hai recalls his painful past.

Episode 4

Dafeng actually still loves Fuxi and comes by Wan Fu Lou. He sees her rushing to the hospital and realizes that Yi Fei is sick. He tries to help but her condition worsens. The Kitchen God comes down to help Yi Fei. Just as he is about to leave, he bumps into Fuxi.

Episode 5

Er Hu wants Kitchen God to return to Wan Fu Lou. He has no choice but to do so. When Fuxi introduces the Kitchen God as Yi Fei’s father to Dafeng, he is shocked. The Kitchen God is initially jealous of Dafeng but when he sees how good Dafeng is to Yi Fei, he decides to pair Fuxi and Dafeng together.