The synopsis summary for Singapore drama Bountiful Blessings, from episode 11 to 15:

Episode 11

Feng Sheng Lou’s new menu is exactly the same as Wan Fu Lou’s new menu. Everyone wonders who betrayed Wan Fu Lou. Dong Hai questions Pin Hong, but when Er Hu sees them together, he misunderstands and thinks that Dong Hai was the one who betrayed them.

Episode 12

Pin Hong blackmails Fu Yuan with some pictures of him. She makes him steal the new menu from Wan Fu Lou and threatens to put his pictures online if he doesn’t. Fu Yuan is forced to run more illegal errands for Pin Hong. He gets caught when the police appear.

Episode 13

Fuxi wants to sell Wan Fu Lou. Pin Hong asks that Fuxi sells Wan Fu Lou to her. Fuxi refuses and believes that Dafeng wouldn’t agree. However when confronted, Dafeng says all decisions can be made by Pin Hong. Fuxi is disappointed. Unknown to anyone, Pin Hong has cast a love spell on Dafeng and he is now under her control.

Episode 14

Fuxi returns to Wan Fu Lou to take her letters, and sees Wan Fu Lou under renovations. A board falls, and in a bid to save Fuxi. Dafeng pushes her away. They kiss accidentally. This lifts the love spell and Dafeng realizes what Pin Hong has done to him.

Episode 15

Dafeng tries to take his revenge on Pin Hong but loses and ends up running to Fuxi’s place for help. He returns to his company to find that Pin Hong has taken over the company. Left with no home or financial resources, Dafeng has no choice but to depend on Fuxi.