Bountiful Blessings

Bountiful Blessings Episode 16 to 20 (Final) Synopsis Summmary

The synopsis summary for Singapore drama Bountiful Blessings, from episode 16 to final episode of 20:

Episode 16

Fu Yuan manages to get Morning to work with him and trick Pin Hong into thinking that Fu Yuan is her long-lost lover. Pin Hong is so happy at seeing her “lover” again that she drops all her plans for revenge. However, Tian Qing sees through the trick. When Pin Hong finds out, she decides to go on a full-fledge revenge plan.

Episode 17

Morning tries to extract a magical element from Xiao Fei but fails. The Kitchen God appears and takes down Morning. Pin Hong confronts Kitchen God and they duel, but he manages to subdue her and lock her in a small pagado. Fu Yuan immediately throws the pagoda into the lake.

Episode 18

Pin Hong captures Fuxi and transform into her likeness. She starts to create trouble for Dong Hai and Dafeng and even causes Er Hu to end up in hospital. Kitchen God is punished and turned into a cockroach. He looks for Xiao Fei and tells her that he is her father. He tells her what Pin Hong has done and asks that she get help from the rest.

Episode 19

Pin Hong is caught but refuses to tell anyone where Dafeng and Dong Hai are. Kitchen God tells her he can help find her lover Qing Feng. She finally relents when she is reunited with Qing Feng.

Episode 20 (Finale)

Fuxi loses part of her memory after being knocked out by Pin Hong. She remembers Dafeng but cannot remember Dong Hai and Xiao Fei. While Dafeng wants her to forget Dong Hai, he feels bad that Xiao Fei is sad, and decides to hire a well-known doctor to treat Fuxi. Pin Hong suddenly re-appears. In the ensuing fire, Dafeng is caught and dead in the fire, so does Pin Hong who tries to save his life. After 60 years, they have reborn again, and Dong Hai is together with Fuxi while Dafeng with Pinhong.





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