KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama series Brain is staging a conscious surgery or awake surgery plot, it’s a novel theme for TV series, and this kind of plot has become the first secret weapon of the drama to attract viewers.

In the 3rd episode of Brain broadcast on November 21st, 2011, a scene of conscious surgery is shown. The term is unfamiliar to most viewers, but with the drama has the theme of medical that is rare among the themes of drama, this kind of professional scene will certainly give viewers a lot of surprises, and will also attract more attention.

The so-called ‘conscious surgery’ or ‘awake surgery’ is that in the process of general anesthesia of patient, re-awakes the consciousness of patient, to enable patient to have knowledge and leave behind memory of external stimulus, the conscious craniotomy is a surgery that required great carefulness and efforts.

Conscious / Awake Surgery in Brain

It’s rare for such scenes to appear on TV series, so by putting the scenes of such professional surgery onto silver screen, it’s believed that can attract the curiosity of the audience, and gain attention.

The awake surgery had been played in many movies including “Awake” before. Although slightly unfamiliar, but this is the hot spot of current society. Brain has become the first Korea medical drama that incorporates these elements.

Production company CJ E&M said, “The subject here is relatively new, during shooting we received the professional support, and had also invited the senior doctor of a hospital in Seoul to the venue.”