Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 18

Remember, I always beside you unconditionally.

When Eun Jae listens to the marriage proposal of Hyun Woo from the voice recorder, she happily runs to hug Hyung Woo. Eun Jae and Hyung Woo once again confirm the heart to each other decide to reconcile their love and reunite officially. Hyung Woo packs and brings the luggage to go back their home, and both of them starts a happy new beginning again.

On the other hand, Gi Chan stops by Hope law agency, and says want to resign to take care of his kid. Hyung Woo does not concern about the feeling of Eun Jae and raises Gi Chan’s salary, and leads to Eun Jae to quarrel with Hyung Woo again. Both of them does not expert the “days of living peacefully” is so short.

Looking at Young Joo who gives birth to another baby, Eun Jae jealously says want a baby too, but both of them seems like lack of will. On Christmas day, Hyun Woo gives Eun Jae a diary as gift. The diary records the notes of his feeling after they reunited, and Eun Jae gives a good news to Hyung Woo in return.

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