Synopsis Summary for Can’t Live with Losing Episode 1

Yeon Hyung Woo unwillingly accepts interview by TV station and goes to meet Lee Eun Jae in car park. Looking at her car that is in a hideous mess, Hyung Woo is shocked, but Eun Jae does not care. They drive to the interview venue. Facing with reporters they present a intimate image. Reporter asks the how they first met, they starts to answer and remember the events from the fist kiss till marriage.

The day is the day Hyun Woo resigned, they knew each other when watching baseball competition in a baseball stadium. Eun Jae suddenly kissed Hyung Woo at the side on the stand. And Hyung Woo was shocked with eyes wide opened, if there are no eyelids blocking, his eyes will surely rolling into the baseball field. The scene is recorded by the television camera. Hyung Woo recalls the events of the day till marriage. First met is amazing kiss, his strong personality likes this unusual girl, they flash married after one month. The wedding is artistically beautiful, with flowers and blessings follow the happiness of two, but thinking of the reality of married life, Hang Yu inevitably feels loss.

Facing reporters, Hyung Woo does not want to continue, leaves the interview venue with excuse to go dressing room, leaving Eun Jae alone. Facing the leaving of Hyung Woo, Eun Jae is embarrassed, and begin to complete the interview without paying attention.

Eun Jae backs to the office, the chief steward comes to praise them as a couple, but Eun Jae is in anger, and says her husband is not the type everyone can see, not as competent as her. Chief steward chats with a colleagues, who still envies Eun Jae of having such a good husband.

After leaving the interview, Hyung Woo initially wants to continue the thing he wants to get it don, to meet and communicate with the client, to discuss the details of the case. While talking, the client feels aggrieved and cries, Hyung Woo stands up and comfort him, and pretends he inadvertently finds a handkerchief, and gives it to client to wipe tears.

Evening at home, the couple meets downstair, Eun Jae shows her angry face to Hyung Woo, accusing him of leaving her alone at the interview venue. But Hyong Woo irrelevantly answers that Eun Jae is sexy even though when angry. Eun Jae does not been pushed around, and Hyung Woo does not have mood to continue to argue, and goes straight to his house. Eun Jae overtakes her husband to enter the elevator ahead of him, closes the door, and leaves Hyung Woo shouting at the elevator’s door.

Eun Jae quickly cleans up the room after entering the house, but it’s too messy, husband who entered later stunned speechless of all the things in front of him. He asks if this is a room for human to live? His wife answer is yes. Hyung Woo thinks of what woman should do, but the woman in front of him is woman or is rubbish maker, he cannot differentiates.

Hyung Woo goes to a pub to drink alone, Eun Jae is doing housework at home which she is very unfamiliar with. Ki Chan calls Hyung Woo and they meet in the pub. Ki Chan does not have job again, his wife calls, and they quarrel ferociously due to money issue. Then, Ki Chan and Hyung Woo begin to complain. At the same time, Eun Jae is also unhappy and fins Young-joo, both complains bitterly. Finally, the two men and two women go to karaoke separately, use roar to sing songs to vent their stuffiness.

At night, Eun Jae and Hyung Woo meets again when going back to home after leaving karaoke room, but keep silent. Early in the morning, Eun Jae awakes from sleep and goes to the living room, greeted by the bright lights of the room and husband tied with waist apron, Eun Jae’s mind appears Hyung Woo who cleans the room, and shows cheeky embarrassment. Downstair, in front of the car, the similarly clean car cheers up Eun Jae’s mood, but not even half a second passed, she is furious. Hyung Woo threw away her information as rubbish when cleaed up. Poor Hyung Woo recovers wife’s things from garbage, but the good mood no longer there.

In front of the court, Hyung Woo meets an old man, and stops the elder. Hyung Woo takes the data from the elder, shows sign of difficulty, and the elder cries sadly. Hyung Woo brings the elder back to his office, carefully study the details, where he was chased out from a house that the elder has stayed for a long time. But after reading he still feels it’s difficult, because what causes everything is the elder’s daughter. Hyung Woo tells the elder that even if hopeless, but he will make every effort to help to settle. Elder is grateful and treats Hyung Woo to eat.

In the firm, the chief gives Eun Jae a tough case. Hyung Woo comes to the office and gives the food given by the old man to Eun Jae, and tells her the old man’s case. At the end Eun Jae angrily rushes into washroom, Hyung Woo follows, Eun Jae tells him she refused to accept the case because can’t win, and now he accepts a case which will surely lose. The two argue again.

Hyung Woo goes to boxing hall to hit sandbag to vent anger; Eun Jae is furiously drinking at pub. Friends of two people are persuading them. On the way home, Hyung Woo takes up a voice recorder, and recounts the day’s mood. Eun Jaue backs in home, lay down on the sofa without noticing husband who is doing the housekeeping. Hyung Woo smells of alcohol, feels bad that Eun Jae should not drink so much. He wants to bring her to the room but is inadvertently slapped by Eun Jae. Enduring the pain, he still move his wife to the bed, while the wife pretends to be sleeping. In the morning, Eun Jae does not feel any guilt after eating the loving breakfast made by husband. Hyung Woo who originally wants to hear some praise from wife received “don’t be smart, not handsome at all.”

Hyung Woo’s mother comes to restaurant opened by Eun Jae’s mother, and they fights due to misunderstanding, and the children has bad luck. Because is lawyer, who fears of litigation. In front of son’s house, grandmother stop the daughter-in-law who is going home. Eun Jae SMS Hyung Woo to escape from grandmother to temporarily ease the litigation thing. But, his movement is slow, so he is caught.

Eun Jae pretends to be a little woman in front of grandmother. After the grandmother leaves, Eun Jae who is wearing sexily goes to husband’s study room. When they about to have sex, notice that there is no condom. Hyung Woo wants to have unprotected sex, but Eun Jae asks him to buy from convenient store, and he is defeated and cold down.

Early in the morning, Hyung Woo has left home, but has prepared loving breakfast for his wife, and leaves a note. Eun Jae looks at it, feels happy. Hyung Woo fins the daughter of the old man, with persuasion and the help of Eun Jae, finally about the settle the old man’s daughter. Eun Jae’s mother calls and says need fund, Eun Jae finds the passbook, but finds that money is missing. Eun Jae confronts Hyung Woo, and at the brawl, Hyung Woo is defeated and has the ATM card confiscated. Because Hyung Woo lends money to Ki-chan, Eun Jae leaves from the home after a brawl. Eun Jae is surprised on the request by Ko Ki Chan and Kim Young-joo for her to become their divorce defense counsel.

Back in the room, Hyung Woo finds out that the marriage application form is lying silent in the drawer, there is no seal.

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