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Can’t Live with Losing Episode 11 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 11

Eun Jae is shocked by Hyung Woo’s decision to agree to the divorce litigation. Everybody is also stunned. Eun Jae suddenly feels like want to dismiss the lawsuit. The judge asks plaintiff and defendant if they’re certain they want to divorce. Inside his heart, Hyung Woo is irresolute on his decision, but after seeing Eun Jae, he makes up his mind. As a result, both says yes, and the judge declares their divorce is in effect.

Eun Jae is extremely sad and unable to accept the reality. Young-joo goes to her house to console her. Hyung Woo is unwilling to part with Eun Jae too, is drunk and is carried back to the office by colleagues.

The next morning, looking at Hyung Woo who is packing up in the office, Eun Jae feels disconsolate, but she stays calm and collected. Hyung Woo then goes home to pack his thing, cleans and repairs broken light bulbs in the house. He makes a note for Eun Jae, only then he brings his luggage to his mother’s home, and tell her about divorce and he will temporarily stay at Woo Shik’s house.

Hong Geum-ji goes to find Yoo Jeong-nan, asks her to give up the shop now as they are no longer relative.

Back home, Eun Jae noticed that all broken lights have been repaired. Eun Jae accidentally injures her finger when changing bedsheet. But she can’t find where is bandage located, ends up have to call Hyung Woo to ask.

Judge Jo goes to Woo Shik house, and at this time Hyung Woo receives call from Eun Jae. He goes to toilet to talk secretly with her, and have a long conversation, where Eun Jae asks him to come out for a meal and to meet a person to order food for the birthday celebration party for 80 years old processor.

The next day, Eun Jae and Hyung Woo meet at a coffee shop. Their old habits happen again even though divorced, such as asking Hyung Woo to refill the drink. Initially they sits opposite each other, but feeling uncomfortable, Hyung Woo moves over to her side. Both persons is still wearing their wedding rings.

After finished with the menu, they walk together back to Hope office. Eun Jae’s mother is waitin, and she scolds Hyung Woo, but Eun Jae stops her. Eun Jae and mother talk in private, and Eun Jae tells her mother that it’s her who wants the divorce, as she can casually married, also can casually divorced, and she only wants her mother consolation. Her mother is speechless for misunderstanding.

Jeong-nan calls Hyung Woo who is waiting at the bench outside the Hope office to say sorry, and asks him to console Eun Jae as she is very sad.

Eun Jae comes back and says she can’t work today, and wants to go for a drive. Hyung Woo is worried about safety and goes along with her, telling her to drive carefully. In the car which was driven by Eun Jae, Hyung Woo trauma returns when they pass through the place where the accident that took the life of Hyung Woo’s brother happened.

Hyung Woo goes to Eun Jae’s house, and meets Tae Young who bought wines for Eun Jae. He invites Hyung Woo to together, but Hyung Woo does not accept.

Hyung Woo is at the Hope office. Later Hyung Woo, Eun Jae and Gi Chan are searching for important document, and finally found it. And the three hug together, although Hyung Woo and Eun Jae quickly step back when they notice they’re too close. Later they meet Judge Jo outside of the office, who is joined by the 80 years old professor to talk about their divorce.

In the court, Eun Jae manages to win the lawsuit as Hyung Woo looks admirably.

In the night, Hyung Woo is drinking alone and getting drunk. He doesn’t allow Gi Chan to bring him back home, and he unknowingly goes back to Eun Jae’s house to sleep on what used to be their bed. Eun Jae initially tries to wake him up, but fails and ends up covered him with blanket.

When Hyung Woo wakes up, he says sorry to Eun Jae, and is warned that there should be no second time. They go to office together, and all the staff is trying to find out if they are together again, only to receive a no from Eun Jae.

The old professor comes with Judge Jo to the office again. He takes out a document, and both Hyung Woo and Eun Jae is stunned.

Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 11 Preview Video

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