Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 13

After crying in front of Eun Jae, Hyung Woo manages to sleep with a comfortable feeling, he also expresses his gratitude to Eun Jae. In order to be able to together with Hyung Woo, Eun Jae requests Tae Young to play basketball with Hyung Woo. After watching movie together with Hyung Woo, Eun Jae is in better mood, but she does not reveal her feeling, and goes home in the end.

Under the encouragement of Eun Jae, Hyung Woo finally says out the pain panted up in the heart. On the contrary, both of them can get along very well just like friends after divorced. Eun Jae is finding a new partner for cooperation, but Hyung Woo is obstructing from the side.

Jung-ko asks Hyung Woo is he is willing to work in Gyeongju, and Hyung Woo asks Eun Jae for opinion if he should go to Gyeongju. Eun Jae hopes that Hyung Woo can stay, but when both of them meets, nobody wants to be on the losing side. Eun Jae who is distressed and helpless on a traffic accident case received by her, as the party involved does not want to tell the truth.

The mother whom Hyung Woo thought does not know about the death of the brother, is seen by Hyong Woo to be praying on the brother.

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