Synopsis Summary for Can’t Live with Losing Episode 2

Hyung Woo is speechless and surprised that Eun Jae did not go to apply for the registration of marriage, and thus they are not legally married yet. Hyung Woo questions Eun Jae. Marriage application that should be done last year hasn’t been done until today by both persons. They remembers on the day they filled up the form, they are arguing whose responsibility it was to submit the form, and even resort to rock-paper-scissor game for luck to decide. “I am very busy, please do it, Hyung Woo.” Says Eun Jae. Eventually, both of them was fighting for who is supposed to submit the application of marriage at the roof-top.

Eun Jae and Hyung Woo go to the office to find witnesses to decide whose fault it’s that overlooks the submission. Nobody knows though, even though one colleague picks Eun Jae as winner.

They come out from the office to search for the application form, which was slipped inside a book.

Eun Jae goes to submit the application form, but receives the call from Hyung Woo’s mother who wants her to come for meeting. Eun Jae tries to reject her saying she is very busy but finally gives in to her request and goes to mother’s house. The mother complains various thing including legal matters and money to Eun Jae.

Eun Jae calls Hyung Woo as mother wants to eat with er. “Husband, where are you?” Eun Jae asks. “Then you eat. I am busy.” Replies Hyung Woo. Then he hangs up the phone without listening to what she has to say. Hyung Woo is in the midst of meeting a potential client. But the client wants to see Eun Jae. Hyung Woo is furious over his request and chases him away.

Hyung Woo and the chief go to court to go over the documents and to understand the case. He told the chief that he is going to celebrate his first wedding anniversary at home.

On the other hand, Eun Jae is brought to a massage treatment by grandmother, enjoying luxury beauty service. Thinking of her mother who works in restaurant, she feels sad. After treatment, the grandmother becomes a monster while Eun Jae listening to her whining.

On his way home, he met with friend (played by Kim Jin-woo) who went to the house to help to decorate the lights and balloons in order to celebrate the wedding anniversary, so that can give Eun Jae a surprise. They discuss on how to take care of elders.

“Who? Are you moving house?” Eun Jae was stunned when back home, as their bedroom has been transformed into a party-room with many heart-shaped balloons. “You’re back!” “How much did you spend to decorate the place? I’m almost crazy serving your mother.” Says Eun Jae. They starts to quarrel again over her dislikes of his mother.

Eun Jae is furious and goes into the house, but she accidentally kicks the lit-up candles and the place gets fire. They still arguing and not calling the fire brigade. A romantic wedding anniversary turns up to be a rush to put up the flame. On the other hand, the friend who helped to decorate the place are envious over their first wedding celebration without realizing that it has turned out to be a failure.

After the whole ordeal, Hyung Woo leaves the house and bumps into a uncle in the playground, who is also having a failure in celebrating her wife’s birthday. Hyung Woo goes to the office to avoid home, and see Eun Jae who is drunk sleeping there. He still takes care of her by covering her with a sheet, and also sleep in office.

In the morning, the chief and secretary come to office, and notice that Hyung Woo and Eun Jae both slept in the office. They wake them up, but Hyung Woo and Eun Jae pretend nothing happened.

Ko Ki Chan and Kim Young-joo are quarreling and go to the law firm to demand divorce. Hyung Woo, Eun Jae and everybody are shocked. During meditation, Ki Chan accidentally reveals that Hyung Woo has loaned him money, which Eun Jae is not aware. And this cause Eun Jae and Hyung Woo to argue again. Once Ki Chan and Young Joo leaves, they quarrel at the roof top again over the loan issue.

In the court, Eun Jae is defensing strongly on her divorce case, causing the opposite counsel to speechless, and convincingly win the case.

In Young Joo restaurant, everybody is there. After a heated discussion, Eun Jae loses the argument. But she wants to keep her face in front of friends. After leaving, she still angry with her husband, and drives away alone without Hyung Woo. Hyung Woo takes up a voice recorder to record his day’s feeling again.

Back in the house, Hyung Woo cleans up the house when he sees Eun Jae tries to clean off the messed decoration. He tries to cheer up Eun Jae with the helium-filled balloon, but not successful, instead scare off the neighbor when the popping balloon lets off a gun-shooting sound.

Hyung Woo who slept while watched baseball game awakes, seeing Eun Jae prepares breakfast in the kitchen, he dares not to move.

Two mothers who are relative argue. The grandmother is the house’s landlord, and she wants the renter to move out. My son is a lawyer, my daughter is also a lawyer, do you want to try litigation? You better prepared to move out.

Ki Chan is feeling guilty causing the argument between Hyung Woo and Eun Jae. He is going out with Hyung Woo to find witness for his case. In the pub, bartender is giving Eun Jae advise to go on a trip.

Hyung Woo and Eun Jae meets again in the office, and Eun Jun suggest they go on a trip. Hyung Woo imagines wildly on a romantic trip with enjoyment in hot spring.

Eun Jae’s mother comes to the office to find Eun Jae, but is received by Hyung Woo. The mother tells Hyung Woo not to let Eun Jae knows that that she has met Hyung Woo.

In the airport, they meets Hyung Woo’s mother, who turns up because Hyung Woo sent the SMS message to wrong person instead of Eun Jae. Suddenly he receives a call from Eun Jae’s mother who wants him to go meet her now. He cancels the trip and rushes out of airport, leaving his mother and Eun Jae who gets angry again, in the airport.

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