Synopsis Summary for Can’t Live with Losing (Can’t Lose) Episode 4

Eun Jae saw Hyung Woo and Eun Soo (previously translated Hye Shil) together. She initially plans to turn around and leave, but unconsciously she takes up the camera, and takes some shoot. Later Eun Jae goes to the seaside, eating alone. May be eating can help to forget what she has just seen.

Hyung Woo and Eun Soo go to convince the owner of Chinese restaurant. Eun Shoo helps Hyung Woo to do the restaurant owner’s job, hoping to move the owner. But it is not easy to convince the owner, who is not moved at all.

Back home, Hyung Woo meets Eun Jae at downstairs. He answered the query of Eun Jae, but no mater what he says, he can’t let Eun Jae believes. Hyung Woo goes to his room, and is shocked when he sees the big size printed photo of him with Eun Shil. Hyung Woo explains to Eun Jae that this is just a misunderstanding, but Eun Jae could not believe him. Hyung Woo can no longer tolerate the unreasonable of Eun Jae, so he leaves without explanation. But Eun Jae is still furious, so another fight starts.

The next day, the cold war between them continue. Even when brushing teeth, it’s full of smell of gun powder.

In the agency office, Eun Jae is finding opportunity to have trouble with Hyung Woo at everywhere. Hyung Woo is angry, but is stopped by Gi Chan. They go outside of office. Ki Chan starts to advise Hyung Woo on how to handle the war between husband and wife. Returning to office, he tries to find a way to ease the tense relationship between him and Eun Jae. At this time, Hyung Woo mobile phone rings. He is hesitating whether to pick up the call, but Eun Jae asks him to pick up. After hearing the call, he goes out.

Eun Jae asks a female colleague to go roof-top, as she tries to know and understand from her things she wants to know.

Jeong-nan received a call and rushed back to the shop. Hyung Woo is shocked after knowing that the new landlord requests Jeong-nan to stop the business. Hyung Woo’s mother and mother-in-law meets to discuss and argue over the rental agreement. Hyung Woo arrived at mother-in-law place and was shocked to discover that the landlord is his mother. He panic. His mother-in-law calls him, he declines to appear saying he is busy, then she calls Eun Jae to check where is Hyung Woo. Hyung Woo mother also calls Eun Jae for help.

Both party does not get the result they wanted. Hyung Woo mother leaves and goes back home. Hyung Woo is waiting for his mother at home. He advises his mother not to let go of the house, but his mother does not accept.

Hyung Woo backs to office after cannot persuade his mother. Two battle between them is not yet finished. Eun Jae does not want to lower her posture. Seeing Eun Jae leaves angrily, the chief comes to argue with Hyung Woo.

Eun Jae and Eun Soo meets to discuss the litigation case, but she also pay special attention to Eun Shil, while remembering the scenario when dating with Hyung Woo. Hyung Woo calls Eun Jae, but the phone is off. Eun Shil explains that she finds Hyung Woo because of the litigation. Eun Jae asks her if she got boyfriend now, else she can introduce one. Eun Shil says doesn’t matter, declines the invitation for dinner and leaves.

All collageus gather at Young-joo’s restaurant. Friend of the judge and Hyung Woo meets Woo Shik and colleagues outside.

Hyung Woo inadvertently says the wrong name, calling Eun Jae as Eun Soo.

A group of lawyers is having pre-trial meeting to discuss the case of Eun Shil. Both sides seems to have big difference in opinion. The counter-party (plaintiff) asks Eun Shoo to apologize, who is unwilling as she says she is not in the wrong. Eun Jae says they can discuss on other thing, but apologize is absolutely impossible. Both sides does not want to give way.

Eun Jae tells Eun Shoo not to worry, while the opposite lawyers try to intimidate them. Hyung Woo gazed at her wife with admiration for been able to act professionally without mixing personal feeling. Walking out from the court, Hyung Woo is comforting Eun Soo who is crying. Eun Soo leans and put her head on Hyung Woo’s shoulder. The scene is saw by Eun Jae, who felt betrayed.

Eun Jae is thinking about the scene of which Eun Shil is leaning on Hyung Woo’s shoulder. Woo Shik enters and says words to console Eun Jae. Eun Jae thanks him.

Eun Jae drinks alone at the riverside, seeing a couple riding two person bicycle, feel very lonely, and also to clear her mind for next step. She asks Hyung Woo is he loves her, and requests him to say “I love you.” Hyung Woo obeys. Eun Jae goes to seaside again, recalling a lot of memories.

Eun Jae suddenly treating Hyung Woo very good. When Hyung Woo requested Eun Jae to call him Oppa, Eun Jae does so, and Hyung Woo is very happy.

In the court, the elder in testimoney is recalling the history of which how he was taking care of his bedridden wife, and as such he cannot sign the housing contract himself, but to entrust signing to his daughter. Court rules for the elder in the end. Hyung Woo delivers the good news of triumphant justice and fairness to father and daughter soon after the decision of the court.

Hyung Woo rushes back to office to tell Eun Jae the good news, but she is not around. Instead, Ki Chan passes him a sealed envelope. Hyung Woo opens the envolope, and is shocked to see the divorce paper.

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