Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 15

Seo Khun sends Eun Jae backs to the computer. Eun Jae is also surprised that Hyung Woo knows Seo Khun and Hyung Woo gets to know that Seo Khun is the first lover of Eun Jae. Inevitable, Hyung Woo and Seo Khun get into contention. Looking at Hyung Woo and Seo Khun who is against each other, Eun Jae leaves silently.

Seo Khun goes to visit Eun Jae’s mother. Eun Jae’s mother implicitly expresses her stand. Eun Jae and Hyung Woo who are returning from bicycle dating are packing the luggage, and Jeong Nan who just returns home is stunned. Eun Jae is drinking together with Jeong Nan, and tells her that she is happy can live together.

Seo Khun suggests Eun Jae to work together, Eun Jae does not know what to do, so she asks Hyung Woo. They quarrel again, but Hyung Woo says it’s fine and let her go, just like nothing is happening. Hyung Woo who decides to be frank with his own feeling, is going together with Eun Jae and Seo Khun to the holiday resort which is the working place of them.

On the wedding, Eun Jae helps Kang Woo Shik to pass his letter to his daughter, and Woo Shik finally manages to attend her daughter’s wedding as wished.

Hyung Woo accidentally gets to know that the father of Eun Jae whom hasn’t been met for a long time is still alive, but his live is currently in critical condition, he finally understands the hurt suffered by Eun Jae on her family relationship.

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