Synopsis Summary for Can’t Live with Losing (Can’t Lose) Episode 3

Hyung Woo received the call from mother-in-law asking to meet, and he cancels the trip last minute. But he can’t tell Eun Jae the reason. Unable to go travel, Eun Jae is furious and disappointed after watching Hyung Woo walked away alone. She shouted at the back of Hyung Woo who leave without even turning back, that if you leave then we will divorce.

His mother was shocked, asking him is he leaves because of him. She indirectly blames Eun Jae as the fault for causing the mess, saying her way to teach the husband is wrong. She calls back the driver after the trip is not going to happen, and asks Eun Jae to go back with her.

Eun Jae decides to go back alone and boards a cab. Hyung Woo’s mother calls Hyung Woo, wants him to find back Eun Jae. Hyung Woo is disturbed and tried to calls Eun Jae, but can’t get through the line. Hyung Woo who is in the bus then spotted Eun Jae who is taking a cab. Eun Jae sees him too, but pretending as she is not.

When Eun Jae backs home, she casually stuffs Hyung Woo’s clothes into a luggage bag and throws it in the hallway out of the door.

Hyung Woo goes to find mother-in-law. He remembers he used to be here with Eun Jae, but Eun Jae was not going in. When Hyung Woo meets mother-in-law Jeong-nan, she is proud of him been a lawyer. Jeong-nan and Hyung Woo are arguing with businessman about the lease which they say is protected by law. Hyung Woo sees the agreement, says the agreement is effect, so don’t worry. The overbearing Jeong Nan calls Geum-ji (Hyung Woo mother), but Geum Ji hangs up the call before Hyung Woo managed to talk with her.

Hyung Woo rushes back home to mend ties with Eun Jae, and found that his luggage bag is out of the house. The access code of the house door’s password lock has been changed. He called Eun Jae but the phone is switched off, and she is not opening the door no matter what. Then he tried all combination he can think of, while Eun Jae is peeing to see what he is up to. Eventually, Hyung Woo manages to get a right combination and opens the door.

Hyung Woo drags back the luggage into the house, and want to console Eun Jae to cold down the situation, however the situation is even worse. Eun Jae shouted at him, asking where he was going. Remembering the agreement with mother-in-law, he doesn’t reveal the truth. Eun Jae wants him to leave, while Hyung Woo insisted not to leave. Eun Jae fell down, and when Hyung Woo helps her to get up, Eun Jae accidentally hit Hyung Woo, causing his nose bleeding. She finally furious enough to want to divorce now.

Eun Jae dashes out from the house. Hyung Woo searching for her but she cannot be found. Hyung Woo talks out his recorder again to record his feeling of the day.

Hyung Woo calls their colleagues to find Eun Jae, then he calls Ki Chan, Woo Shik and the chief, all of them gather in the shop but do not know where she is. Hyung Woo goes to boxing arena to let off his stifle.

Eun Jae goes to pub, and after drinking for quite a bit, complaining about her husband to bar tender, saying she find it interesting previously, but now feels no meaning, and it may be better to divorce. The bar tender asks her to better go back.

Eun Jae backs home, accompanied by Hyung Woo who waited her outside the house, but she forgets the access code that she just changed. Inside the house, Eun Jae keeps crying and complaining while Hyung Woo keeps apologizing.

Eun Jae who wakes up from dream, was shocked to see them sleeping together. While thinking back about the situation yesterday when she was drunk, Hyun Woo has waken up, and she goes up to have breakfast embarrassingly, when Eun Jae reminds that she was drunk and that their problem hasn’t solved.

While shopping for grocery, they disagrees on items to buy, and they fight again. At home, Eun Jae is eating snack, dirtying the place. Hyung Woo cleans up. Hyung Woo looks at the container packed by his mother inside the fridge, remembering what she said. His mother called, who says that if he wants to meet her, please comes to Jeju Island.

Hyung Woo picks up the call from Hye Shil (played by Lee Soo Kyung), he is so shocked until speechless. Upon reaching the venue, he feels uneasy and is hesitated on whether to go in or not as she is his ex-girlfriend. He meets up with her in a restaurant, and can see that she is in trouble. He asks what is it about. She reveals that she is been harassed in the workplace, and later is wrongly gossip. She says she feel ashame to ask for Hyung Woo help, but he is the only person she can think of that could help her.

Hyung Woo flags a cab and watches Hye Shil leaves. Hyung Woo is troubled, sitting on the bus stand, and so do Hui Su in the cab. In the house, Eun Jae is looking at case, while Hyung Woo is at downstairs, thinking of the solution on how to answer Eun Jae’s question when arriving at home.

Eun Jae passes by Hyung Woo and smells woman’s scent on him. She asks whom did he drank with. Luckily, he manages to get away with nothing major happened.

The next day, Ki Chan is complaining about how his wife abused him. Then, they go to elder’s house (played by Song Jae Ho). The elder writes an appointment letter, appointing them to fully in charge of the case. They go to the restaurant again, the owner is about to escape, but they didn’t manage to stop him in time. Disappointingly they go to sit on the beach, chit-chatting and whining about their wives.

Hye Shil arrives in the lawyer office. Ki Cha starts to worry that she comes to see Hyung Woo, and tries to cover up for him, as Eun Jae is also in the office. Hyung Woo is calm and not bothered though, and invites her to his office. Eun Jae asks who comes and what’s wrong with Ki Chan. She goes to Hyung Woo’s office, where Hye Shil introduces herself. Hyung Woo invites Eun Jae to join in the meeting. The three persons outside the room is tense, and Ki Chan tries to eavesdrop, while three persons inside the room discuss calmly and professionally. Hye Shil is thankful to Eun Jae for her help in the case.

Hyung Woo accompanies Hye Shil out of office. Hyung Woo asks her not to worry over her case. Gi Chan who is worried that Eun Jae may found out follows out to warn Hyung Woo though Hyung Woo says it’s work related.

Back in the meeting room, Eun Jae is studying the case. She asks how they met. Hyung Woo said last time it’s like that, now it’s not. Someone called, and Hyung Woo tells Eun Jae to talk next time, raising her suspicion. She starts to link everyone impressions and what they have said, and becomes suspicious about relationship between Hyung Woo and Hye Shil.

EJ goes to Young-joo’s restaurant and she tries to get more information about Hyung Woo and Hye-shil’s relationship. Young Joo accidentally revealed that they have broke off and she is still not ashame to come back. Eun Jae conclude that Hye Shil is his ex-lover, and suppressed her suspicion.

Back at home, Eun Jae controls her desire to ask even though she is unconvinced. And she complained about the water on toilet seat. Hyung Woo received a call, and uses an excuse to go out. Out of curiosity, Eun Jae decides to follow her husband. Eun Jae comes to Young-joo’s place, but found that he is not with Ki Chan. Young Joo asks Eun Jae to wait for a while, but Eun Jae leaves as Young Joo seems like not concern over her thing.

Back home, Eun Jae is crying sadly, and feels bad for doubting Hyung Woo. She slept on the couch. When she wakes up, she found Hyung Woo sleeping on the other side of the couch. He tries to wake him up, while any sorry feeling for him dissipated, asking him why he lied to go out. The next morning, Eun Jae leaves home to work without even greeting him, not withstanding waiting for him.

Hyung Woo received a call. While on his way out, he bumps into Eun Jae. Eun Jae who is in suspicious mode decides to drive and follow him. She saw that Hyung Woo is meeting with Hye Shil. She was shocked, and now all clues are linked.

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